Peace Everyone….
For the last couple of years, in honor of my birthday (May 10), I’ve been releasing some music (whether mixes or unreleased projects) to the public as a thank you to everyone who’ve been supporting my musical endeavors throughout the years, & just being grateful for able to live another day/week/month/year. Today is no exception.

Everyone by now should be familiar with the talented soul singer, the man called Aloe Blacc. Unless you are not into Underground Independent Hip Hop or didn’t grow up in the Southern California Music Scene during the 90’s, you might not know that Aloe Blacc is also an incredible Emcee and is part of a group called “Emanon” with producer extraordinaire, Exile.

What a lot of people may not also know that Aloe & myself recorded a whole album together back in 2004. “2004?!”….yup, 13 years ago….can you believe that?? This is around the time when Aloe was attending USC & I was living in Long Beach and was still working at Fat Beats LA. You’re probably also asking the question “Why is there an image of a Quarter on the front cover?”. I’m glad you asked that….Aloe suggested we do something like this: “Maybe an image that depicts something about 2004, like a pair of shoes that came out that year or a big news item. In 2004, I turned 25, maybe an image of a 1979 quarter”….hence, the reason why we have a Quarter on the album cover.

How this project came about is basically, both Aloe & myself were at some type of crossroad in terms of what we wanted to do as artists, individually. Aloe was taking a break from Emanon in terms of exploring, recording solo projects & working with different artists….Exile was in the process of becoming the producer he is known today by working on his own solo projects as well as crafting an album with a young, talented MC by the name of “Blu”. As for me, I was also trying to expand my horizons as a producer. Everyone knows me mostly for being a DJ/Turntablist from the Beat Junkies & the only production work that I did that people are aware of is with the Visionaries. I wanted to branch out & work with different artists as well to see what else I can do that I can’t normally do with my own group. I was luckily enough to have Aloe open to the idea in working with me. Around this time period, I was solely using the Akai MPC2000 for my main production equipment, & made a few beats on EMU SP1200 Drum Machine Sampler (Listen to the album & guess which machine I used). We recorded 14 songs but had really 11 strong songs. I just remember listening to our project & saying “Wow…Aloe is incredible!”. The plan was to shop the project but it never got a chance to materialized because we both went on to other things: Aloe got signed as solo artist on Stones Throw & I went to work on the 4th Visionaries’ album “We Are The Ones”.

On a side note, the song “Find A Way” was made originally for this project, that later became the B-Side single to Aloe’s “I’m Beautiful” off his Stones Throw solo debut album “Shine Through”. I had no idea that Aloe can sing and was really good. When I heard this song, I knew Aloe was destined to do bigger things. And this song also led to Aloe working with my good friend, the incredible DJ Khalil of Self Scientific and future Grammy Award Winning Producer. I played “Find A Way” for Khalil and the first thing he said to me was “Who is this person, I got to work with him”. When he found out who it was, & he was shocked. Many years later, they crafted together the successful hit song “I’m The Man”, which were backdrops for a series of Beats By Dre commercials as well for the 2014 NFL Draft & 2014 MLB All Star Game ads.

Fast forward to 2016….I had a chance to revisit the album and I totally forgot that Aloe & myself recorded a whole project that was made 13 years ago. I reached out to Aloe to remind him about our project. Even as busy as Aloe is now, he took the time to listen back to the album & said it would be dope if people could here our progression. He suggested that we release this album as a FREE project & gave me the idea concept of the album title & cover artwork. I am very lucky that Aloe gave me his blessing to release this project that you are about to listen now. We hope you enjoy this time capsule & this little nostalgia from our musical past. And the saying goes…the rest is history.

To everyone that’s taking the time to listen to this piece of history, as well as those who’ve been supporting me & musical endeavors from the get go, thank you very much. To my man wiz1der for helping me with the mixdowns. To my man FWMJ of RappersIKnow for the artwork. And to my brother Aloe….thank you for always being a friend & a musical comrade. Everything you’ve worked hard for, you deserved!

Beat Junkies

Rest In Peace: Nestor Nirza, Jordan Cofinco, J Dilla, Roc Raida, James Brown, Dj Dusk, Rob One, Sean Price, Pumpkinhead, Michael Jackson, David Bowie, Maurice White, Phife Dawg, Billy Paul, Prince, & Afeni Shakur.

A big special shout out to my fellow Visionaries brother 2Mex! Speedy recovery Alex…you got this! #GetWellSoon2Mex

Aloe Blacc & Rhettmatic

 Aloe Blacc & Rhettmatic
Circa 2004: Blaccmatic
1. Introducing….
2. AKA Aloe Blacc
3. Situations feat. CashUs King fka Co$$
4. Make It Happen
5. Find Your Way
6. Where I’m From
7. California 
8. The Window
9. The Plight
10. We Shine feat. Blu 
11. My Time To Shine*
Produced by DJ Rhettmatic for Beat Junkie Sound
Lyrics/Raps/Vocals by Aloe Blacc
Additional Lyrics/Raps by Co$$ & Blu
Beats & Scratches by Dj Rhettmatic
*Trumpet by Aloe Blacc
Recorded in Los Angeles & Long Beach, Ca in 2004.
Mixed by wiz1der at The Panic Room
Artwork by FWMJ for RappersIKnow


Peace Everyone….

It’s been a hot minute since I posted up on the Beat Junkies Blog….

just recently found this live recording audio of when I participated in the Beat Society LA Showcase in 2004…listening to this recording had me buggin out and brought back memories. This featured beats by Jake One, Marco Polo, Kev Brown, & yours truly.

Let me backtrack a little…..Some of you might be familar with the Beat Society Producer Showcase, some of you might not. For me personally, this is the one that started it all with the producer showcase genre, in terms of having established & upcoming producers at that time. This showcase was the brainchild from Philly producer extraordinaire Hezekiah along with the help from the indy label Soulspazm. Beat Fanatic head honcho Slopfunkdust was also instrumental in connecting the dots. The event was always hosted by Stef Tataz & Sao. And almost every producer that had a name or just getting a buzz has graced the stage: Kanye West, Nottz, Illmind, Exile, 9th Wonder, B!nk, Oddisee, & many more.

The showcase event would always feature 4 producers playing their beats live off their respected machines, as well as having well known MCs rock over their production, plus a sample challenge round where each producer would have to flip a sample that the committee from the Beat Society has chosen…The event was mostly based in the East Coast, primarily Philidelphia.

In 2003, it was the first time that the Beat Society Showcase ventures out West, specificially Los Angeles at the Knitting Factory. There, they had Dj Khalil, Illmind, Hezekiah, & the Dilated Junkie himself, Dj Babu. I had the honor of spinning music in between. What was also monumental, Dilla & Madlib were in the house chillin in the background peepin out the event.

In 2004, they had another Beat Society LA showcase (again at the Knitting factory), but this time, they asked me to participate as a producer. I was very honored, and to tell you the truth, I was hella nervous. “Why?” you ask? Well, I had to share the stage with some of my favorite producers who happen to be also my friends: Jake One, Marco Polo, & Kev Brown. To be on the same stage as these heavyweights had me shook….haha! I had alot of pressure, (1) because I was repping the hometown and didn’t want to let Los Angeles down and (2) the general public didn’t really know me as a producer; I was known more for being a DJ/Turntablist and I wanted to showcase my production to the public.

When you listen to the audio, you can hear each producer’s individual style and what equipment they were using: Jake had the ASR-10, Marco Polo & Kev Brown had the MPC 2000XL, & me…I had the MPC2000 & the Technics 1200 (yeah, I brought my set up at that time…lol). You can tell I was really nervous…haha. Also, when you listen to the audio, you might be familiar with some of the production that we played that night, especially Jake’s production of De La Soul‘s “Rock KoKane Flow” & WWE’s John Cena‘s wrestling intro song “The Time Is Now”. I played beats that would eventually make onto the Visionaries‘ 4th album “We Are The Ones”.

All in all, I had a great time sharing the stages with these guys, bonding & cracking jokes, & showcasing my beats. And it was a great feeling when my peers who I am a fan of their work gave me my props as a producer that night….that meant alot to me. I am honored to be featured & be part of this historic moment of the Beat Society history.

Bigups to Hezekiah, Jim at Soulspazm, Slopfunkdust, Sao, Stef, Jake, Marco, Kev, Casual, Akrobatik, Mr. Lif, Thearapy aka Paten Locke, Prince Po (Organized Konfusion), Black Silver, OhNo, Dj Romes, Dj Khalil, Chace Infinite, SA-RA, & to the listeners…..enjoy this time capsule moment.



It’s been a minute since I posted up on our blog….I figured it’s a special reason to…lol.

In keeping up the tradition of giving the gift of music in honor of my birthday today (May 10), I’m releasing a mix that was originally intended for my friends Dj Sean O & Dj Phatrick, who throw a monthly event in Los Angeles called “Devil’s Pie Soul”, which is held currently at Lock N Key in Koreatown. The basis of their parties are usually built around the theme of paying tributes to musical artists.

Last month, the guys asked me to DJ their event and it was my first time spinning at Devil’s Pie. They asked me if I wanted to do a set that’s dedicated to Pharrell & the Neptunes and I said I was with it. We tried to record the mix live that night but for whatever reason, we technical difficulties in the first 15 minutes into my set. I actually like what I put together that night, so I decided to take the same songs I played that night and kinda re-created my set… here’s the mix that was inspired from that night. Pharrell & the Neptunes have such an extensive catalogue, that it was impossible to fit everything on my mix…but I am hyped that I included the Clipse‘s first actual single “The Funeral” in the mix….that’s my sh*t!

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the mix….and this is my thank you to everyone that have supported me, my music career, & my crews & affiliations. Thank you as always….Salute.

Beat Junkies


What’s up peoples…..

It’s been a hot minute since I posted up on the Beat Junkie blog, but better late than never, right??

Next Friday (2/20/15) is the Wedding Mixer 2 Dance Party that I’m doing in conjuction with Footlong Development at The Echo in Los Angeles, with my man, the legendary Mad Skillz. This week, the official follow up to my Wedding Mixer Vol. 2 mix came out this week: Volume 2.5 on a Cassette Mixtape….yes, a Cassette Mixtape! The good peoples at Fat Beats was kind enough to press up a limited amount of the mixtape….this is for the real tape collectors. You can purchase them at Fat Beats: or you can purchase them at the event.

But don’t fret, in honor of the mixtape & the dance party next week, here’s is a FREE DL of Side A of Volume 2.5. On this particular volume, I get down on some of the stuff I grew up in the 80’s, Electro Hip Hop, Latin Freestyle/Dance Music & Miami Bass Music….basically I did an “Aqua Net” set. Hopefully this mix brings back memories of Hair Spray, Baggy Pants, Members Only jackets, etc. Hope you like what you hear….I’m definitely going to play some of these gems next week. Hope to see y’all there!

– Rhettmatic

DJ RHETTMATIC’S ‘THE WEDDING MIXER VOL 2.5’ Side A by Footlong_Development on Mixcloud


What’s up folks….

First of all, I like to say Happy New Years to everyone….hope your New Years Eve was a meaningful one.

I made this beat on 11pm, December 31st & wanted to post this up here on our Beat Junkie blog. This is actually my last beat for 2014…I always try to make a beat before Midnight strikes on New Years Eve. I’ve been doing this ritual for the last 7 years…had to try to do it again & not break the streak…LOL!! I decided tp post the finished product on the morning of Jan. 1, 2015 on my soundcloud page. Hope you like my quick ditty. Happy New Years Everyone! 


Peace Everyone,

Been a hot minute since I did a Tapedeck Tuesdays. Since Shortkut is djing with the legendary Diamond D & The 45 King at The 45 Sessions at Mighty in San Francisco this Friday (12/19), I thought it would be cool to post up his 90’s Hip Hop Video mix he did a few years ago in honor of the event. “Video Mix?!”…..yeah, Short does an incredible job of taking the original Hip Hop videos and putting into a mixtape format.  Check out all the classic vides by your favorite 90’s Hip Hop artists.



SK-90’s HIP HOP video mixtape from Shortkut on Vimeo.


What’s up folks…..another installment of Mixtape Mondays comin at ya!

In honor of this Friday’s event “Flavors 7” 90’s party at The Echoplex in Los Angeles, brought to you by Footlong Development, I thought it would be appropriate to post up this particular mix of J.Rocc‘s ‘East Coast Flavors’ that is also printed up on a limited edition cassette mixtape (which you can buy at Amoeba’s). On this mix is all the classic 90’s Hip Hop joints that you will be hearing at the party.

Listen to the mix here:

You can purchase tickets for the Flavors party here:

Footlong Development presents
Flavors 7 (The Best 90’s R&B/Hip Hop Party in LA)
w/ J.Rocc & Dj Spinna
at The Echoplex
Opening Set by Coleman
Hosted by Cognito

Enjoy the mix….see you Friday!



What’s up peoples….It’s been hard to keep with things when the holidays hit. I’ve been playing catch up as of late.

Anyways, here’s another installment of Throwback Thursdays. Today, I’m featuring my Beat Junkie brother, the one & only Dj Melo-D. Melo is definitely one of the bests to do it and sometimes very underrated compared to all our contempories out there. He’s always flawless with the cuts, scratches, beat juggles, & mixes….very precise yet funky.  Maybe I’m just biased cause he’s in my crew….LOL!

Peep his solo scratch performance off the Turntable Wizardry 2 video (it was on VHS) that came out in 97. Crazy!




What’s up folks, it’s another installment of Tapedeck Tuesdays!

For this particular installment, I wanted to highlight the Dilated Junkie himself, Dj Babu. He rarely puts mixtapes out, but when he does, he always comes with the niceness. This mix is called “Konichiwa Bitches” which he did for our good friends at Mochilla a few years ago:

“Several months ago my friends B+ and EC  (Eric Coleman) hit me up about doing a mixtape consisting of Japanese records. B, E and myself had all been on ridiculous digging missions together before and they had known that I had lost my mind in japan a couple times copping Japanese joints…so this idea made perfect sense. For me as a digger, I have always tried to take advantage of being able to travel and discover new music and japan was definetly a digger’s paradise in the late ninties…Japanese collectors had scoured the world for illies and brought them all back to shibuya…so the first couple times in japan I actually was buying anything but Japanese records…but as time moved on and diggers continued to rape and pillage shibuya I realized I had been sleeping on japans native music, so the last few times I went to japan I made it a point to look for Japanese music only…and what I found was some incredible shit…this mix contains a lot of tv and movie soundtracks and scores, studio background music, amine soundtracks, funk, pop, rock & soul with the common thread being dope funky music! I hope u enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed putting this together!”

Enjoy the mix peoples……..



Peace Everyone….

It’s another installment of Throwback Thursdays. In honor of tonight’s Dilated Peoples show at The Observatory in Orange County, I thought it would be proper to post this rare Dilated promo mixtape that Babs (Dj Babu) mixed to promote for their 2nd album “Expansion Team” back in 2002. All classic Dilated cuts that we all have grown to love such as 3rd Degree with Defari, Global Dynamics, Annihilate, The Platform, & many more.

Make sure you join Dilated, Alchemist, Madchild, Fashawn, Exile, Mr. Choc, & myself at the Observation tonight (11/20/14) in Santa Ana, Ca.

Enjoy the Dilated Classics…..see y’all tonight!




Peace Everyone,

I apologized for missing Mixtape Mondays yesterday, so I’m making it up today for Tapedeck Tuesdays (11/18/14).

In honor of my brothers J.Rocc’s & MED’s (Axel F) new album “Theme Music” that’s coming out this next Tuesday (11/25/14), I figured I post up a special mix that I did for MED & Stones Throw back in 2009. The mix is called “Bang Ya Head” part 2 (I don’t know who did part 1, you gotta ask MED that…lol). The mix at that time featured some unreleased gems along with some production from Just Blaze, Dj Khalil, Dj Babu, Madlib, & myself. Enjoy this semi-flashbacl mix & make sure you go cop the J.Rocc & MED aka Axel F album “Theme Music” on Tuesday, November 25, 2014 on Bang Ya Head Entertainment.


1. Intro
2. The Futuristic (RMX) – Guilty Simpson feat. MED. Produced by OhNo
3. Break It On Down – MED. Produced by Just Blaze
4. Dogg – MED feat. Polk Dogg. Produced by Madlib*
5. Not A Warning – MED feat. Polk Dogg. Produced by Madlib*
6. Shotgun RMX – PPP feat. J Dilla & MED. Produced by Waajeed
7. West Iz Back (Demo) – MED. Produced by Dj Khalil*
8. It’s A New Day – DJ Babu feat MED. Produced by Dj Babu
9. Zoom – MGD (MED + Georgia Anne + Declaime). Produced by Georgia Anne Muldrow*
10. Do It – Rhettmatic feat. MED. Produced by DJ Rhettmatic*
11. Get Money – MED. Produced by Madlib*
12. Endure – MED feat. Rapper Big Pooh. Produced by Georgia Anne Muldrow*
13. Anytime – Dert feat. MED. Produced by Dert
14. Classic – MED feat. Talib Kweli. Produced by Madlib Karriem Riggins*
15. The Ride (RMX) – Oh No feat. MED. Produced by Dj Rhettmatic*
16. $100 Bill – MED. Produced by Madlib*
17. Outro

*MED Exclusives


What’s up folks… another flashback video for Throwback Thursdays.

These particular videos were from the Skratchcon 2000 Convention in the Summer of 2000. We (The Beat Junkies) were asked to participate in the first & only conference that was dedicated to the Art & Education of “Skratch Music”. Of course we were honored to be a part of it, but we didn’t know what capacity what we were going to be involved. To tell you the truth, we were really surprised that we didn’t get asked to be part of the “Team/Group Presentation”, but to be part of the “Trick Mixing” section (Babu went on to be part of the ‘Beat Juggle’ section along with Shortkut. D-Styles was part of the Q&A scratch section with Q-Bert, I ended up being a speaker during the Trick Mixing section).

So when it was time for us to present the “Trick Mixing” aspect of the conference, we decided to actually make a statement by doing our own type of branding, since at that time, there were alot of techinques & styles that were coming out & was presented to the public in a formal fashion for the first time. This is when we introduced the “Beat Junkie Style” of mixing to the public (this style of Djing was developed & mastered by J.Rocc). Both J & Melo-D displayed techinques to the crowd of how we would combine battle dj techniques with style & finesse while able to keep the groove going on in a crowd rocking aspect. At that time, I think people looked at us crazy because we would Dj at clubs to rock dance floors while we still participated in the Turntablism scene. Most people were just straight into Battling or just do Skratch Music. For us, this is part of the culture growing up and learning from our predecesors that came before us. On the real peoples, the Beat Junkie Style, or Trick Mixing in general……it’s really, simply, just “Djing” (well, at least to us….lol).

Anyways, enjoy another Throwback Thursdays……enjoy!



Welcome back to another installment of “Throwback Thursdays”……

Whenever scoping the web just looking for some classic vintage Dj Battles to post up for the Throwback segment, alot of the footage would bring back alot of memories for me coming up. Back in the days, there was no Youtube to watch old footage of Dj Battles……most of the time, it was either word of mouth, or a copy of a the recent DMC (Disco Mix Club) Dj Championship VHS Video Tapes (those were expensive; you would be considered to be lucky to obtain the “Holy Grail” tapes). You were also very fortunate if you were able to cop a bootleg VHS Video Tapes of New Music Seminar/Supermen“Battle For World Supremecy” Dj Battles that you would borrow from a friend that he was lucky to get.

These particular footages brought back alot of memories for me. I remember watching the Dj Clark Kent‘s Supermen “Battle For World Supremcy” Dj Battles for the first on VHS at my man Dj G-Wiz‘s (Project Ill Brothers/Rock Steady Crew LA). The New Music Seminar threw the original battles & I remember watching those beforehand with Curse because he had a copy of a copy of a copy of the footage on tape, especially the Joe Cooley vs Dj Cash Money battle. Now this era was definitiely the ‘changing of the guards’. 1990 was the year that really started to usher the beginning of the “turntablist” movement, with Dj Steve Dee leading the way. 1991 is when the X-Men aka the X-Ecutioners were making their presence known. Q-Bert just got back from the 1991 DMC World Championships winning 2nd place but made his mark in the world. At the 1991 Battle For World Supremecy, it was these two individuals that I would remember watching that made me realize that it’s ‘time to step sh*t up!’.  It was the battle between the legendary Grandmaster Roc Raida (RIP) versus Boston’s own Dj Ninja B. This style of Dj Battles were way different than the DMC’s….it was a head to head competition, where you only get 60 seconds to get your sh*t off & impress the judges & crowd….and it was more intense! And the stuff that these guys were doing, they were introducing new styles into the Dj world.

What alot of people didn’t know that Ninja B was the inventor or the blueprint of the “Echo Scratch” or in his case, the “Echo Fade”, which is now been used alot in today’s techniques, and was mastered by Q-Bert & Mixmaster Mike, but Ninja B never got the recognition that he deserved.  I remember meeting him at the 1993 Superman Battle For World Supremecy in New York and telling him personally I was in awe of his skills.  It was the only time I’ve ever met him……I don’t think he would remember this if I met him again.

Anyways, watch the footage below and witness this classic battle, in which in my opinion, was one of the best head to head battle rounds that is ranked up there with the Joe Cooley/Cash Money, Aladdin/Miz, Francisco Zapatta/Steve Dee, Mixmaster Mike/Honda, Shortkut/Noise battles.

And to know more about Dj Ninja B, check out this great interview conducted by our homie, the one & only Rob Swift of the X-Ecutioners:

Enjoy the videos & history lessons people….


Ninja B vs. Roc Raida – 1991 Superman Battle For World Supremecy

Roc Raida vs. Ninja B – 1992 Superman Battle For World Supremcy


What’s up folks….hope y’all had a good Halloween weekend.

I’m back with another installment of Mixtape Mondays…..we did a press release that we’re going to have our own channel on Dj Skee’s new Dash Radio app that has been already in effect the last 2 months (go to to hear what’s going on or you can download the DashRadio app for your IPhone & Android) in November.  We won’t announce the official launch of the Beat Junkie Radio Channel unti we are truly ready to launch it….be on the look out.

For the meantime, in honor of our upcoming relaunching of Beat Junkie Radio, here is an old episode from our Ustream show that we used to broadcast from J.Rocc’s crib and sometimes our old Beat Junkies recording studio, back in 2009….this is different from our 1993/94 96.7FM KWIZ show.  This particular mix is the audio portion of episode 9.  If you want to watch the old episodes, you can go to

It’s a 2 hour mix broken up into 2 parts, with J & myself playing anything we want at that time on some “don’t give a f*ck” steeze.  The vibe might remind you on some Friday Night Flavas/Wake Up Show/Stretch & Bobbito Show steelo……enjoy!



What’s up folks….I’m back with another installment of “Throwback Thursdays”.

Today’s installment is the official video of J.Rocc‘s single “Stay Fresh”, off his solo debut album “Some Cold Rock Stuf” on Stones Throw Records.  This video was shot by Mayer Hawthorne while him, J, & Peanut Butter Wolf were touring Japan (a few months after the 2011 Japan Earthquake & Tsunami). Special cameo by the King Of Diggin, Dj Muro.

The Funky President has been busy in the lab cooking up some goodies. Stay tuned for the Axel F album with M.E.D. in November as well as a special Beat Tape coming out on Stones Throw at the end of the year…..

But for the meantime, enjoy the throwback video (from a few years ago….)



What’s up folks…..back with another installment of “Mixtape Mondays”.  This time, we have our very own D-Styles in the spotlight.

Besides having membership in the Beat Junkies and the Invisibl Skratch Piklz, D is also a core member of the world renowned LA-based Low End Theory crew with Daddy Kev, Gaslamp Killer, Dj Nobody, & MC Nocando. They are known for presenting and pushing new progressive music such as Flying Lotus, Ras-G, Odd Future, & more at their weekly spot in Los Angeles.

This mix is was made specifically for one of the Low End Theory’s Japan Tour a year or two back, which features futuristic hard knocking beats, seemless mix transitions, & exquisite scratches done in a way that only D-Styles can do. Sit back, listen, & enjoy the ride!

You can catch D & the rest of the Low End Theory crew at The Airliner every Wednesday night in Los Angeles!



What’s up folks…..yes, another installment of “Throwback Thursdays”.

For those that do not know, Shortkut & myself call ourselves “The Godfathers”, not because we’re like ‘Godfathers’ in the DJ/Turntablist scene, but because we are actual Godfathers (or as the Filipinos would traditionally say, “Ninongs”) to Babu‘s oldest son, Niko….and we were also roommates at one time….LOL!!

Back in the early 2000’s, Short & myself came up with some 2 man tag-team routines while we were roommates.  We eventually took our little set on the road while on tour with The Visionaries in Europe.  Fast forward to 2013, our sponsors Rane asked the Junkies to perform at their booth for the NAMM Show.  Short & myself took the opportunity to try to come up with some stuff that’s similar to what we did back in the 2000’s.  A couple of things tho that was standing in our way.  (1) We forgot some of our old routines, (2) Short lives in the Bay Area, I live in the LA County, & (3) because of our busy schedules, we only had 1 day, yes…ONE DAY, to come up with something.  So Short flew down to LA the day before we were schedule to play at the NAMM booth, so we can practice and try to come up with something.  We rented out a rehearsal studio, came up with something, & practice for 6 hours.  We were able to remember & incorporate some of our old 2 man routine, and with Short’s suggestion, we reflip a classic routine of The Adventures Of Grandmaster Flash On The Wheels Of Steel.  After brainstorming & stressing, this is what we came up with.

Short & myself have always talked about doing a Godfather show, hopefully we can still do one in the near future.  Hope you like this little ditty from 2 years ago….oh yeah, peep the other footage below of our original 2 man tag-team routine, back in the early 2000’s when we were using vinyl, 2 Vestax mixers, & 3 Vestax turntables….ah yes, memories….LOL!


From The Visionaries European Tour (2004) in Hamburg, Germany


What’s up folks…..yup, you guessed it, I got another video for Throwback Thursdays.  This particular video is a little different from the previous vintage Dj Battle footages.

This is from the 2007 Redbull Big Tune Producers Battle – LA Finals taken place at the old Knitting Factory in Hollywood (If you know the history, this is the spot where we used to throw our classic “Nightlife” events at). For the most part, everyone knows that the Junkies are known for our Dj skills & our Battle Dj background, but not everyone knows that we are also producers and have been making beats & doing productions for quite a few Hip Hop artists.  This particular footage combines the best of both worlds…..battles & beats! The concept of the Big Tune Battle is to pit Producers against each other in a head to head elimination competition showcasing their beats/production and the winner of each round to be determined by crowd response & participation.  The competition was developed by producers Jake One, Vitamin D, & Music Industry vet Jonathan Moore.

What was cool about this particular competition, it featured new upcoming producers as well as the veteran producers to come with their “A” game, because it shows no matter what have you done before or who’ve you worked with, the bottom line is that you better come with that HEAT!  In this footage, in the finals, it came down to 2 talented individuals……the young gunner (at that time) that was starting to make his name around the industry circles, producer extraordinaire Swiff D (Pac Div, Jadakiss, Talib Kweli) & of course, the Dilated Junkie himself, our very own Dj Babu.  2 rounds each for the producers to come with the slaps & to be judged by the crowd.  Swiff D came with that fire, but Babs was in Battle Mode & also brought the heat!  I won’t say who won the LA Finals, but both of them went to USA Finals to represent Los Angeles.  I’ll let you guys be the judge.

Btw, if you look closely, you’ll see Dj Revolution, OhNo, Evidence, J.Rocc, Dj Romes, & a somewhat intoxicated Rhettmatic (haaa!).  Anyways, watch the video and enjoy the sounds!



What’s up folks….

Yes, another installment of “Mixtape Mondays”. Today’s feature is an old classic mixtape from the Funky President, J.Rocc. This particular mix is called “4 Track Chaos” in which this mix is reminsce of Dr. Dre‘s legendary Roadium Swap Meet Mixtapes. It’s called 4-Track Chaos for a reason because he did this on a Tascam Cassette Recorder and did a multi-track intro. And yes, the mix came out on a Cassette!!! Enjoy!



If you guys don’t know already, I’m in a new group called “Dirty Disco Squares” which consists of the legendary Dj Prince Paul (De La Soul/Gravediggaz/Handsome Boy Modeling School), Mr. Len (Company Flow/Jean Grae/High Water Music) & myself. We’ve been putting out some mixes earlier this year and we just made a new one called “Dance To This (If You Wanna)”. If you’re expecting some Hardcore Hip Hop & crazy skits….you’ll be disappointed. But if you want to hear some good music & get your groove on listening while cleaning the house, you will enjoy this. Our tagline is “Rhett, Len, & Paul Plays It All!”….and pretty much, we do….haaa! And if you’re interested in the history of the Dirty Disco Squares, peep the video after mix. Enjoy!


Dance To This (If You Wanna) by Dirtydiscosq on Mixcloud


What’s up folks….it’s another installment of Throwback Thursdays.  In honor of the official Invisibl Skratch Piklz reunion at A-Trak’s Fool’s Good “Day Off” Party at the Shrine Auditorium in LA this Sunday, October 12th, I thought I post up one of the best Dj battles in the history of mankind…..The Xmen vs ISP.

This happened at the first ITF World Championships during the 1996 Rock Steady Crew Anniversary. Babu & myself competed in this battle, but THIS was the hightlight of the event….this was litterarlly the “Clash Of The Titans”.  They broke up it into 2 parts, solos & teams.  Both catagories were incredible and both crews were going all out with new techinques & routines.  I remember watching this battle in person and the energy in the place was crazy!!!

On the Xmen side: Roc Raida (RIP), Rob Swift, Mr. Sinista, Total Eclipse, & Diamond J.  For ISP: Q-Bert, Mixmaster Mike, & Shortkut.

This is the team battle…..remember folks, this is 1996……these skills are still relevent in today’s times…..always timeless, always classic!  Enjoy!



What’s up folks….it’s another installment of our Mixtape Mondays series.  This month’s entry is a little ditty by the one & only Dj Melo-D.  If you know our background as Dj’s, growing up in Los Angeles, the Junkies pretty much listened to alot of Techno/Electro Hip Hop in the 80’s, especially listening to the KDAY Mixmasters, Uncle Jamm’s Army, The World Class Wreckin Cru, The Glove, & many more.  In this quick mix, Melo just gets busy over classic songs like Numbers, Planet Rock, & Surgery just to name a few……Get your popping on & enjoy the mix.  Oh yeah…..for all you Djs & our record pool subscribers, you can pick some of these gems in our Digital Record Pool =)



Whats up folks…..

Thought I would start something in the same vein as our “Throwback Thursdays” Video Series….this time, it’s “Mixtape Mondays”.  During these segments, I’m going to post up some of old & new mixes from the crew, as well as the homies, & other mixes that I think that they’re dope.  If you’re at work or just cleaning the house, just press play & hopefully you like our latest blog series.

Our first mix is from Shortkut, in honor of him & the Triple Threat DJs competing in the Redbull Music Academy Culture Clash this Wednesday (Oct. 1st) at the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco.  This recording is from his live set from The Boiler Room TV audio/visual show……Enjoy!



It’s another installment of Throwback Thursdays Videos.  This particular video shows the Funky President himself, J.Rocc is throwin down on 4 Turntables…..yes, I said “4” Turntables!  He did this on the Rane TTM68 4 Channel Mixer when Rane Inc debut the mixer at the NAMM Show in 2011.  Here, J is paying homage to the old school classic mix records that came out in the 80’s like “Scratch Party”, “Scratch Dance”, “The New York Scratchmasters”, “Mix Trix”, & so forth.  Usually those mixes were done “4-track style”, mixing using mulit-tracks.  Here, J is demonstrating the mix live with 4 Turntables.  The last time someone did something like this was Cut Chemist with his homage to “The Adventures Of Grandmaster Flash On The Wheels Of Steel” using 3 Turntables in the 90’s.  And before that, Grandmaster Flash himself using 3 Turntables in the 80’s.  Shout out to Mike May at Rane Inc.

Peep the technique below and peep the original mixes that J based his homage to:

Scratch Dance – “Pyramid Mix”

New York Scratchmasters – “Jam #2”


For another installment of Throwback Thursdays, I wanted to post a video of mi hermano, the one & only Dj Craze.  Straight up, Craze is hands down the best Dj in the World in the history of Battle Dj’s.  He’s one of my favorites and is always exciting to watch.  Even after his retirement from the Battling scene, he was able to transition into being one of the best Party Rockers out right now and running his own label, Slow Roast.  When we Dj’ed together at The Do-Over Portland a few months ago with the other homie Fourcolor Zack, he was joking he should call himself the “Floyd Mayweather Of Djing”….we were all laughing, but deep down I think he was serious…haha!  Craze is an excellent Dj as well as an excellent human being…..that’s my hermano right there!

This video footage is from the DMC 1998 World Championships, where he was defending his title the 2nd time.  Peep out this footage & this will show you why he was the 5x DMC World Champion…enjoy!



Even though I posted this particular sound bit on my Soundcloud page 2 years ago, I thought it would be appropriate to post this up on our official website.  Here’s a blurb that I wrote for the post that describes our first official venture into the radio airwaves in the 9o’s….

Peace Everyone,

Just recently while doing some cleaning in my home studio, I found a bunch of old cassette tapes which were the aircheck tapes of the Beat Junkie Hour……This is an old recording of an episode of the Beat Junkie Hour Radio Show on KWIZ 96.7FM back in 1993/94. KWIZ was a type of station that you had to pay to play on the air, and at that time, it was $200 or $300 for an hour slot. Even though there was alot of us, we really didn’t have the money to always pay for it, so we would get some sponsors to help us pay for our airtime (as you will notice with some of our “commercials”. LOL!)…..As you can also tell from the recording, we were pretty young, too excited to be on the airwaves, and horrible on the mic, but we were playing alot of the classic underground as well as breaking some new music from the West Coast; we were the first ones to play the Nonce, Ras Kass, and Dilated Peoples when they were known as the Fatliners. This is about the same time when the Baka Boyz first came to LA and started working at LA’s Power 106.

Around this time, the crew was starting to grow, as well as starting to make a reputation in the Dj Battle circuit like DMC & the Rap Sheet Battles….also a little tidbit of information; we had 3 short-lived members in the Beat Junkies at that time: Special J, Dj Sweet Pea (now know as the producer Paul Poli, who produced such hits for the Black Eyed Peas. Christine Millian, & Ashanti), & Dj Rectangle….yes, THAT Dj Rectangle! And this is before Babu & Mr. Choc became official members of the Beat Junkies….officially, there are 13 members in the Beat Junkies.

On this particular episode, you actually get to hear Beat Junkie members that you may or may not be familiar with: Dj Curse, Tommy Gun, & Dj Sweet Pea, as well as J & myself in the mix and the mic. We also shout out other members like Shortkut, D-Styles, Melo-D, Icy Ice, Symphony, Havik, & What?! Most of the time, when you listen to the show, we mostly be cracking jokes on each other, do alot of shoutouts, try to pick up on chicks on the phone, or even hanging up on them….but you can tell we were having fun.

While transfering this from casette to Pro Tools, listening to these tapes reminded me of how young and carefree we were back then; i also cringed at how we sound on the mic (i must’ve said “yknow what im sayin” at least 20 times) as well as my mixes. J always kills it, even back then….boy, have times changed…LOL!!

I’ll try to upload more recordings of the the show later down the line….I’m still going thru tapes and transfering onto protools. Anyways, here’s a little piece of Beat Junkie History for you to experience…..enjoy!



What’s up folks…..

Wanted to post something up in honor of the term “Throwback Thursdays”. These particular video footages are from D-Styles“Phantazmagoria” Album Release Party at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood on November 1, 2002.

A couple of things that made this night special: It was the first time that ALL 6 of us (D, Short, J, Babu, Melo, & myself) had performed together as a band, it was the release of D’s first solo album as well as making history as one of the first Scratch Instrumental album (all the music was made by scratches via multi-tracks) of it’s kind, & this event took place 2 days after the death of the legendary Jam Master Jay. As Babs said in the video “We’re performing songs written, produced, & composed by D, from his album ‘Phantazmagoria’…’s a real special night for us…it’s a groundbreaking album that D’s putting out….we’re just members of his band.”

Walk down memory lane with us & enjoy the footage……


A Night At The Knitting Factory

D-Styles Sextet Rehearsal #1

D-Styles Sextet Rehearsal #2


It’s been 13 years since the 9/11 attack……a lot of lives have been lost & affected since that faithful day.

In honor of 9/11, I thought I post up this particular song from my group, The Visionaries, which the title of the song is aptly called “Nine Eleven”.  The backstory of this song is that it was actually made on that faithful date: 9/11/01.  After the fall of the New York Twin Towers, the fellas (2Mex, LMNO, Dannu, Key-Kool, Lord Zen) felt inspired to go straight to the studio & to record a song, to get all their emotions out after watching too much media coverage.  I added scratches the day after.  The outro vocal on the end of the song belong to my man D-Smooth, who was a producer, the A&R for Up Above Records, & a New York native.  We thought it was appropriate for him to get on the song and say a little something since he was there when it happened.  This song is featured on the album, “Pangaea”.

We, the Beat Junkies, would like to salute to all the men & women, all the families, all the firefighters that were affected on 9/11.  God Bless You All……



What’s up peoples……my first official blog post on the Beat Junkies’ website.  I’m planning to do more blog posts that’s either Beat Junkie related, my own projects, or stuff that I’m into…..thank you for everyone that’s been supporting the whole Beat Junkie crew from day one!

So for my first post, HipHopDX world premiere a new music video for a song that I did with the homies from the Brown Bag Allstars, so you know I had to post this up here.  It’s called “Louis Vuitton Wallets” and features J57 & Koncept.  I sampled “Enemies” from my good friend Adrian Younge.  The guys shot the video while they were on tour thru California and spitting vicious rhymes over my production.

You can download the song free here:

Hope you like the song & video……

Dj Rhettmatic feat. J57 & Koncept of The Brown Bag Allstars
“Louis Vuitton Wallets”
Produced by Dj Rhettmatic for Beat Junkie Sound

Video shot by John Coyne