Members from the legendary Beat Junkie Crew (DJ Babu, DJ Rhetmattic and Mr. Choc.) talk with DJ Trexxx aka Yung Dean about the future of turntablism and how the internet generation has affected DJ’s. Dash Radio Exclusive. You can listen to the Beat Junkies’ station, “Beat Junkie Radio” on the Dash Radio app.

Indelible Red: The Geto Boy’s DJ Ready Red Can’t Be Stopped


RC: Ok Ladies and gents, this is DJ rchecka, and on behalf of the Beat Junkies and myself, I’m honored to be talking with the Musical Enforcer, the legendary DJ Ready Red of the Geto Boys.  What’s up Ready Red!

RR: What’s going on DJ rchecka?  What’s happening my long time brother and Friend?!

RC: Sall good man, I’m very happy to be speaking with you.  I’ve been doing my homework, going through the archives and I dug up some good questions to drop on you!  So I hope you’re ready to go back to that time.

RR: Hey, Ready Red, comin at ya!






RC: Haha, alright so we gotta start right at the beginning of course…  You were with the Geto Boys from I believe 87 to 1991, does that sound about right?

RR: About 1992 some say 93, I got released in 93 so let’s go with that.

Grand Wizard Ready Red Flyer
Old School Trenton Flyer Featuring Divine Sounds and “GW” Grand Wizard Ready Red


RC: Ok, so the story goes that back in 87, you were in Jersey and got a call from your sister to come down to Texas and help her out with some boyfriend problems, and that’s the phone call that basically got the ball rolling for you with the Geto Boys, can you elaborate on that?

RR: Yes, this would have been December 1986, she says “Hey, I need you to come somewhere with me.”  I said “What’s going on?”  “I need you to grab your stuff and come down here.”  So I said OK.

I planned on being gone at least a month.  So I got to Houston, and meet this guy she was still with.  We was cool for the first couple months then he started tripping out so I had to put some things on.  I had to whoop his ass.  And I just met James Smith the owner of Rap-A-Lot Records that same night.  Later on I asked him to loan me a couple of dollars to help me out, and that’s how I got down.  I got a thousand dollars to get down with the Geto Boys since he helped me get my sister out of a bad situation.

RC: So then after that did you have a DJ Battle in Houston that really got things rolling for you?

RR: I had a DJ battle down at the world famous Rhinestone Wrangler on Murworth, right up the street from the Astrodome off of Main.  So I went up there and I did my East Coast, Trenton, New Jersey style of DJing, which is pretty much our style of DJing, with a Philly Twist, and New Jersey Twist, being that I’m from Trenton, and there’s a world wind of culture there in Trenton between Philly and New York, so this was a whirlwind of techniques and ways that you can attack the art of turntablism.



Grand Wizard Ready Red
Grand Wizard Ready Red


RR: …So yes, I rocked them, and that’s when I met Jukebox and the late NC Trahan,  and that’s how I got down.


RC: So that’s how it started.  Just like that you were a part of the Beat Junkies, Err, whoops!  That will be edited… I mean a part of the Geto Boys.

RR: (Laughs) I wouldn’t mind being a part of the Beat Junkies, the Beat Junkies are pretty cool!  But yeah, that’s right when I came a part of the Geto Boys.


Geto Junkie Ready Red
DJ Ready Red, the Geto Junkie





RC: Ok.  Now you mentioned briefly NC Trahan, and like I said I did my homework and dug way back thru the archives, and back in the day, on’s message board, you mentioned something that stuck with me.

“NC Trahan was big part of the GB early days before I came down to Houston he let us practice at his crib all day and nite never said a thing. In 1988 while shooting Raheem’s video for A&M Records, NC was killed at a gas station by a Punk Asss Bytch Mutha Fucker from what I hear it had been a knuckle up at the club and like a 1 hr later he was dead by a shotgun blast to the face!

RR: Yeah that was True.

RC: (Continues)  “I was back home in NJ around the holidays I got a call that he been killed!. Vicious Lee of the Def 4 got arrested that night for trying to get to NC.”

Then you mentioned… “Somebody always got killed during the making of a GB album! RIP Big C.”

That last line is pretty stunning if you think about it.  Can you build off that part?

RR: Well first person that I knew that was good people was Kenny Ray and he got shot and killed on the Making Trouble album, so we always used to wonder, if during the making of a Geto Boy’s album, “Who’s Next?”  I knew him very briefly but for the year to 6 months I knew him, I knew he was folks man.

RC: I see.  Well I’m looking at that “Grip It From That Other Level” cassette tape right now, and I see that Rest In Peace note you put on the cover of that.   So that album must have been dropped right after that happened.

RR: Yeah.  He was killed right before that.


RC: Yeah, ok.  Well let’s change gears a little bit.  You also briefly mentioned something about your early sampling of the movie Scarface, Were you the first person to sample that movie for a rap song?

RR: It’s been duly noted that I am the first person to touch that movie, Scarface, Al Pacino’s voice.  So yeah, I am.

Ready Red Firsts


RC: You are?  Ok, well that’s pretty damn cool.  Well I was just listening to that tape and I notice how you peppered his voice in that album a few times.

RR: It filled in the gaps.  When I started working with the Geto Boys they were already wrote half of “Making Trouble” and I was trying to come up with something that woke it up.  When Johnny C came along, I came up with “Assassins” with Johnny, and “You Ain’t Nothing.”

Then I was playing around, and Bushwick Bill came over, and I was watching Scarface, and I just made a bass beat on a TR-808.  And the part where Sosa is talking to Tony and he throws my man Omar my man out of the helicopter window…  Right around that part, that’s when Bill comes along and sat on my start and stop pedal, which basically recorded “All I have in this world is my balls and my word” and I heard something.

I was like “Oh Shit!” so I rewound my VCR, I got ready, punched it, and got “All I have in this world…”

I said, “Bill, did you hear that?” “He goes.  “No man, what are you talking about I didn’t hear anything.”

So I immediately went to work, sampled on the Studio 440 “All I have in this world, is my balls and my word” “and then I just started playing around with “All I have… All I have… All I have… in this world this world this world.” And that’s how I made Tony Montana, AKA Al Pacino start singing in rhythm to the 800 drum machine.


- Tony "Scarface" Montoya
– Tony “Scarface” Montoya


RC: Nice!  So on that same album you got the song “Gangster Love”.  Anyways there are 2 versions of that song, one sampling Steve Miller Band’s the Joker…

RR: Yeah one would be Johnny C and my version’s using Steve Miller, and when Rick Rubin wanted to do the song and remix it later, he chose Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Sweet Home Alabama,” so Rubin’s version came later.

RC: Ok, I see.  So was it just sample clearance issues with Steve Miller Band or artistic differences or what was it that made you guys remix it like that?

RR: Well some bullshit I heard, that Steve Miller was trying to make a comeback, that he enjoyed the song but he didn’t want to be attached to the shit, so we had to give him some 250,000 dollars, I don’t know, it was some bullshit that he got all our money, I never saw any of that money.

Ghetto vs Geto


RC: Alright, let’s talk a little bit later on.  Eventually you guys hooked up with Rick Rubin.  Is it true that Rick Rubin respelled your name GETO?

RR: Yes, it was Ghetto, which is the common spelling, which is an old Jewish term, and he changed it more ghetto to the G-E-T-O.  So you know, being Rick Rubin, a man down with Def Jam, and Russel Simmons, and all the hip hop royalty, so what you gonna do?  I ain’t gonna argue with Rick.

Cuz after that, damn we hit it big, you know?


Ghetto Boys Touring with Public Enemy
Geto Boys Touring with Public Enemy


RC: Yeah, no kidding, that was a smart move.  I think some of the younger cats I talk to sometimes don’t realize there was a different spelling of the Geto Boys at one point.

RR: Yeah, so you got the old rare first press of that tape with that spelling.  That’s Ready Red with the sun shades on!    That right there is the first press, and if you notice, that’s Jazzy Jay rolling dice in the background!


Grip It! On That Other Level OG Tape
Grip It! On That Other Level OG Tape



RC: Hey, I was happy to land that tape for sure.  That one I have been looking that for a while!  I guess that album never got dropped on vinyl did it?

RR: No.  I only had about 4-5 special Rap-A-Lot party wax pieces of that.  There’s a few radio versions and a some dirty versions that I could spin for the shows.  So, if you see that Rap-A-Lot wax, with that on there, that’s Ready Red’s!

RC: Oh, ok so those are show vinyl versions?

RR: Yeah, just for my shows.

RC: Cool, I never even knew those existed.



RC: So let’s fast forward a bit, and talk about closer to the end of your years as one of the Geto Boys.  You became more aware of the greedy nature of your label Rap-A-Lot, and their lack of fair pay.

RR: For that I have to start at the album “Making Trouble” which was good enough to get us on the Fat Boys “Wipe Out” Tour.  We went out for days with Fat Boys, Salt N Pepa, Ice T,and we went thru about four or 5 cities, and we blew up.  Eventually I found out that we sold 100,000 copies, but I was told we only sold 20,000, and that was the start, being an upstart label from the South.

So I was able to get an apartment, and an SP1200 that’s when I started making “Grip It”.  Then the personnel change came right after we had a 12” out called “Be Down”.

Believe it or not, the owner and his helper went to LA for a meeting with some people and came back and said “Hey man, we’re gonna scrap this album that you’re working on, and we’re gonna become “Gangster Rappers” and we are gonna talk about some stuff, blow, this and that, blah blah blah, whoop, whoop, whoop…

And Johnny C says “Yo man, I’m not with this.”

So Box writes the first rhyme to “Mind of a Lunatic” “Paranoid, sitting in a deep sweat.  Thinking…”

That joint right there, but then in the middle of us recording it with Willie D and then finally Scarface, and Bill, Jukebox says to me “Yo man, this shit is crazy!  Man, I ain’t with this!” So he quit.

Then we became the Geto Boys with Willie D Scarface and Bushwick Bill and myself.


Willie D, Scarface DJ Ready Red and Bushwick Bill
Willie D, DJ Ready Red, Scarface, and Bushwick Bill


RR: So go down to Jay’s ranch in Praireview, and we put together the historic album called “Grip It On That Other Level” and that’s how we started touring, Detroit, Chicago, Down South, Memphis, we was going everywhere man.   This album really put some light to what was going on in Houston, so I’m proud, of everything before that and after that.

But, then I was like, “Yo man, where’s the money at.” Cuz we was getting peanuts and crumbs but where’s the money?  Cuz every time royalties come around we get nothing, so I started looking at the business end of this stuff, cuz I was like “You know what?  I been here for many years.  I’ve given this man everything he could ask for.  I’ve given him some of my best work and yet I’m not being compensated.

So I went to them with this, and challenged them, and they wanted to pay me in installments, but I needed all my money which was owed, and that was 29,000 dollars.




RR: So anyways, Little Jay got mad, got pissed.

I hear, “Oh man, Little Jay is pissed” I say “well shit, I’m pissed too!”

And right around the time I just met my wife, future wife.  Well yeah, I was getting disillusioned anyway when we started working on the “We Can’t Be Stopped” album.

So Scarface come over and we was digging thru my crates, and I been trying to work with a song from the Tough Guys soundtrack, and I only bought it cuz it was Tony Williams on the cover and it was Isaac Hayes.

So I was like, Ok, so we played around, we found the joint called the jam.  So we started putting it together and during the time of that, and I was telling Face, “Yo, if you hear something, I can put it together.” So on that song we we did it.  During the time of that I became very disillusioned, I thought ,  “Yo I won’t be getting anything out of this”

So I called all the Geto Boys up and told em what was going on, and later on that night, Jermain comes in there with the Get Down Boys, which is his thugs and shit, and shit got kinda crazy, and I left that night, and I haven’t looked back ever since.

And I seen 20-30 years later, that nobody got nothing out of that.  They got famous, but this man got all the money.

So I’m glad I left.  I went through some changes, after I did leave, I didn’t get no credit on that album.


We Cant Be Stopped - Mind Playin Tricks On Me



RR: And on that album, my friend got shot in his eye, and they put that shit on the cover!

I’m not gonna be on the album cover with my friend’s eye hanging out.  No matter what!  I just ain’t that fucked up.

And if I done sat down with you rchecka, I done met your mother and your family, and this and that, how I hell am I gonna explain “Oh yeah, Bill got shot in his eye, but yeah we needed an album picture.” You know?

And that shit was crazy to me, and it’s crazy now.

People come up to me and say “Don’t you be regretting not being on the album cover?” and I go “No, not at all!” and I’m gonna stick with that man.

RC: Of course, man.  Of course!  I can’t imagine that kind of anguish that night that you were feeling and for this guy to be like “Yeah just get in the picture” it’s basically just greed.

RR: Yeah.  I was freaking.  I been in between 2 guns pulled on me.  That night I’m like Yo this ain’t what I’m signed up for”

Fuck this.  Shit I don’t need it.  I’m from the real Hip Hop shit.  Grandmaster Flash and the Furious 5, Afrika Bambaataa, Cold Crush Brothers, I’m from the Old School.  We don’t get down like this man.

RC: Right, but they never even put your credit anywhere on that album at all.  It was kind of a white wash.

RR: Cuz they knew doing that right there would lead to some better things for me.  But I took a downward spiral cuz every 5 minutes that record was being played.

And the way they spun it was like I left and all of the sudden they got a hit and I had nothing to do with it.

So everyone was thinking, “Hey, Ready Red leaves and the Geto Boys blew up!” “Man he ain’t do shit!”



RC: That wasn’t the worst of it either.  Let’s talk about Scarface’s album…  This was just after you left Rap-A-Lot Records, and they blacked out your face from that album cover.

Ready Red on Scarface Album


RC: I gotta know… What was it like the day you picked up that album and looked at it?

What were you thinking when you saw they just kind of old school Photoshop erased you from the cover photo?

RR: I started laughing and I said “Look at this shit right here!”

RC: (Laughs)

RR: Yeah, they tried to erase me out of their whole history.  But, I’m glad that the fans know the truth, and I’m glad the truth is finally out there.  All that because my man was mad cuz I said “Fuck him.”  Know what I’m saying?

RC: Yeah, that was just one more thing they tried to do to erase your history of everything you’ve given to the label.

RR: Yeah.

RC: Well they aren’t doing so hot right now.   I’ve read that recent article about Rap-A-Lot’s CEO James Prince.  That kind of business reputation he had didn’t fade.  Like you said, people still talk about that to this day.  They were just a corrupt business.




RR: Right.  Well you know there’s a verse in the bible that says “What’s done in the dark will come to light.”  It might not be the next day or the next year, but eventually what you do will come to light.

So anyways, back then I started to believe that, that I was nothing, you know what I’m saying?  So I got into the darkness one night.  I ain’t never started to get another job, I was 26 years old, man.

I had to get myself together, R.  Now, I’m 15 years clean and sober.  And everything I lost has come back; my respect, my technique, and I look back and I owe it all to the Lord Jesus Christ.  You know, for helping me clean myself up.

Then I met you at the me and you known each other before any of this business came back.  I think I went in there right around 2003, right after I lost my older sister to a car accident.   She was killed in a car.  Me and you have been friends ever since then.

RC: Yeah, that sounds about right.

RR: And you are definitely in my crates man!

RC: Aw thanks man!

RR: Dumpster Funk is definitely in my crates man!

RC: Hey man coming from you, that means a lot man, I appreciate that!

RR: Yeah, you good folks.  You’ve known me before any of this ever came back, since 2009 was when I really started my comeback.






RC: So do you remember when you became an official member of the Zulu Nation?

RR: Right after 2006, I joined the Gateway Chapter, then I hooked up with the Zulu Brothers and sisters.  And there’s all tribes in San Francisco.  Back then I was blessed to meet Afrika Bambaataa and have my time with a one on one.  So that was like a dream come true I was in service.

RC: No kidding!  Hell yeah!




RC: Ok so let’s fast forward a little bit.  Right around March 8, 2008, apparently you got into a terrible car accident with your truck.  From what I remember you were driving up in the mountains and spotted some wolves? (Laughs) I can’t even make this shit up man!

The Aftermath
The Aftermath of dodging coyotes


RR: Here’s what happened.  I hooked up with my childhood sweetheart and I was on my way back home.  And at the 249 Highway marker in Nevada some Coyotes jumped in front of me I was able to avoid that pack, but at the 252 mile marker a bunch of them came out and I swerved and caught the soft shoulder, on the left hand side, and I went down the embankment and I flipped over 3 times.

Man, I broke 2 ribs, 2 fingers, collapsed lung, and contusions on my hip some other various parts that were hurting, and I remember bending down to pick up my phone but it was cracked.  I remember picking It up and passing out.

I woke up on my side, and I heard some people talking, and red and blue lights flashing.  I saw the flashlight go past me, and I heard one of the officers say “You think he’s dead?” “The other said, “the way his car looks he might be.”

But I put my hand  up to let them know I wasn’t dead.  And they agreed to come get my ass.

RC: (Laughing)

RR: (Laughing) Yeah, it’s funny now.  You know they wrote me a ticket for failure to stay on the highway??

RC: That doesn’t really surprise me.  So this is just one of the many times where you’ve seen some crazy shit and lived through to tell about it.  And now we can laugh about it.  But that was crazy, how long were you laid up in the hospital?

RR: About 2 weeks or so.

RC: Yeah, and you lost all your stuff in that truck rollover too, right?  All your records and your turntables and stuff?

RR: So the turntables made it.  My SP1200 got damaged, I was mad about that.

But you know what?  In all honesty, I was just glad to be living.

On March 21st I was on my way back home, I took the same route, and I set my foot back home march 25, 2002 I stepped foot in California.  Six years later, I’m back in Trenton New Jersey.  Six years later, I’m a lot better, I have a whole new life now.  March 25 is how I mark my sobriety time.  So on March 25 2016, I’m clean and sober 15 years sober now.




RR: And as I look back on all that time, I lost my Grandfather, my sister, I lost my mother, my grandmother, and just recently my brother last year, my only brother.   I’m not looking back, I’m just looking forward, and I have good memories, cuz I tried to do more every year than I did the last year.

So if you are going thru some things, and you think you can’t do it, just gimmie a call, look at me, I used to think there was no hope too, you know, but I’m glad that God had a plan for me.   I been sticking with that plan and it’s been worth it.

RC: Yeah I hear you, I totally hear you.





RC: So let’s back up just a hair…  Were you still injured from the wreck when you met DJ Q-Bert?  Or am I wrong about when you met him?

RR: Q-Bert gave me my first 1200 in the Bay Area.  He actually threw a party for me.   This is 2002, my first year out there.  Jasper Bradley told Q that I was in town, so Q called his DJ Friends, DJ Flare and Magic Mike, and a lot of other cats who have scratches named after them, and I went to the Octagon, and me and Q-Bert bonded instantly.

We became friends, we started talking and Q says “So what you up to?” “Well you know I’m out here for a fresh start, and my Grandfather just passed…” and before I left Q-Bert said, “I got something for you.”  So he put an SL-1200 in my hand and he told me to “Get busy again”.  Even though I never left them, I just didn’t have a pair, but I had 35 years of being a DJ at the time, but that really hit me.  On the way home I just held it in my lap and started playing with it, getting back into it, feeling it like it was a beautiful woman.



DJ Ready Red Official Stanton DJ
DJ Ready Red Official Stanton DJ


RR: But, I’m now a Stanton DJ, so I don’t really use 1200s, I use the Stanton STR8-150 since I been a Stanton DJ for 5 years.  So now when you see me, I play on the stuff that has my name attached to it now.

RC: Yeah, so how’d you hook up with Stanton then?  That’s interesting too.  Tell me how you got approached by Stanton.

RR: No, I approached Stanton.  My 1200s died on me, so I needed a new pair, so I ordered a pair of Stanton’s online.  And when I got them I was so impressed by them, I was like “Oh shit!” so I went to Stanton to tell them how much I enjoyed them, I saw a contact number, so I called them and left a voice mail.  About a week later, I get a call from a guy who says “Hi, my name is Dan I am the president of Stanton, and would you like to endorser our Stanton products.”

So I said, “You know what? Before you even approached me, I approached you and told you how I enjoyed the product, so, yes I would love to become a Stanton DJ.”

See, I bought them blindly before any of that ever happened.  That’s how much I believed in them.

RC: Hey, I feel you on that.  Cuz I’ve had my STR8-100s for about 20 years now, and I use them all the time, and they are still just tanks!

RR: Damn right!  I never thought that I would say in my lifetime that I could say that I found something better than the 1200s.  1200s are still good, they will always gonna be good, but once you get on the STR-150s and go back to the 1200, you’ll see how good things are with Stanton.  I’m sorry, but I like power now.

You can take a record and put it on a Stanton joint, and it will start and stop right on the beat, super fast.  I can backspin now on a Stanton and it spins right back up to speed right away so I’m straight now from now on.

RC: Yeah, it’s a totally different feel between the two brands.  I think people get accustomed to “that feel”.  It’s kind of like relearning how to spin if you switch back and forth between the brands, cuz  then you have to compensate one way or the other for the different torques.

RR: I had to relearn how to DJ when I first tried to got my first Technics 1200s, cuz I was on Technic SLB 101s.  They were belt drives, so you had to push them up while you was back spinning, to catch them up on time so they wouldn’t slow down.  That was a bad habit that I brought over from my belt drive, to a direct drive.  But with a 1200, you didn’t have to struggle like that.  That struggle was gone, when I got the 1200s.






RC: Right on, let’s talk about a couple of your heroes right now.  You look up to 2 very different people as your heroes, Bruce Lee and Grand Master Flash.  Why do you look up to these two guys?

RR: Well, being a red headed freckle face black kid of the 70s, really light skinned, I was chubby, I picked on a lot rchecka.  I was just meeting my father at 8 years old for the first time I remember, and he took me to go see the Chinese Connection in downtown Trenton.  And I was just like “Wow!”




RR: See Bruce Lee is kind of quiet.  If you check out his roles in his films. Bruce Lee was kind of quiet, but he whooped your ass.

So shortly thereafter, my father left again, so my Grandfather took me to Karate School, cuz I was showing some interest in that.  I started studying Shotokan Karate, so soon, all the punishment that was inflected on me, I could stop that, cuz I learned how to defend myself, and only defend myself and others who I saw injustices being done to.

So it was Bruce Lee that gave me my confidence by not being afraid to fight.  I don’t care who you are, if you come my way and you disrespect me, put your hands on me and try to hurt me, I will get with you, but other than that, I tried to use the art of fighting without fighting.   So Bruce Lee has been an impact on me since I was 8 years old.  I’ll be 50 this year.


Bruce Lee and Ready Red



RR: I actually used some of his teachings to get my life together.  See if we go back, Lee himself had some issues.  He wasn’t a totally put together human being like most people think.   But if you really research him you’ll see that he was a proud individual like all of us.  He was just a hell of a fighter, but behind the arena he had weaknesses.

See like my arena was music behind the turntables, oh I’m super bad, but you take me out of that arena I may not be the most put together person, Know what I mean?  Cuz I’m out of my element.  So I had to learn how to be secure in front of the wheels and off the set.  See Bruce Lee taught me about that.




DJ Ready Red: Fan First
DJ Ready Red: Fan First


RR: Now Grandmaster Flash, is the Pinnacle of DJs.  See back in my day he was the litmus test of being a DJ.  And I share a special bond with my Grandfather who… my Grandmother reported that my Grandfather, whose name is George, “he stays in his room all day and all night making strange noises and I don’t know what he’s doing up there.”

So my grandfather comes upstairs and says “What’s going on up in here?”  So I show him, and he has a story from Jersey, and he tells me to come up, and he presents me a ticket for him and a ticket for me to go see Shannon, singer of “Let the Music Play” and Grand Master Flash and the Furious 5.




So we sit there in the audience, we get thru Shannon, and out comes Grand Master Flash and he starts cutting up Good Times.

So my Grandfather sees that and says “Oh, is that what you are trying to do?” I said “Yeah!”  So I explained to him Kid Creole, Scorpio, Melle Mel, Rahim, the Late Great Cowboy, and I said “Yeah, those are great MCs, but Grand Master Flash, the guy standing behind, he just DJs!”

He said “Really?”  And he started to get really fascinated by it.  “And for all that he was just spinning records?” I said “Yeah!”

So after the show, we’re driving home, he started asking more questions.  When he started asking questions, it started getting interesting.  He said “What would you need to uh, you know, start doing that type of stuff?”   “Cuz the offer is this…  If you graduate from High School, I’ll get you a car.”  But I was soon to graduate High School but I didn’t want a car, I wanted some useful equipment, rchecka.

So I got a pair of 101 Technics belt drive turntables, a Gemini mixer, some records, tape decks, and some other stuff.  He says “You know what?  You’re the first guy I ever met who didn’t want a car!”  But it would soon pay off.   So that’s what I did man.




RR:  In New Jersey and some greater cities they had what they called junk days where people throw out their junk, so I got pretty good at tinkering and putting stuff together, so I had some changers, you know changers is one of the best DJ turntable ever, you just gotta cut off the long spindle but once they get going, they get going.  They may scratch up your records on the other side, but those things was tough!

So I had 2 of them, I was good at cutting with knobs and stuff.

So um, the adventures of Grand Master Flash, I would play follow the leader.  It goes on “You say!  You say!” and before Flash would let the last “You Say!” go I would try to play like him.  “You Say one for the treble, 2 for the time, come on yall let’s rock that —-“  I would grab the record and try to get the timing that he had.  Cuz that record is like a teacher.

RC: “Yeah!  You’re right!”

RR: And I became fascinated with GMF, Joseph Sadler, he’s always been one of my heroes and always will be!   Just like Grandwizard Theodore, DJ Red Alert, there’s so many…like DJ Tony Tone, Charlie Chase… I hate to start naming all my heroes, cuz I’ll forget their names.  I love anybody from the true school foundation, know what I’m saying?  I love them because I am them, in a lot of ways man.

RC: Yeah, you are man, and I watched you recreate Grandmaster Flash on the Wheels of Steel, I mean you did it.  I saw it on YouTube.  That was kind of like a rite of passage for you to complete that wasn’t it.





RR: Well you know what, I did it on Serato on that Youtube vid.  I wish they would have shown me when I was young and I would do it on the wheels.   I used to have a cat who was passing off the records to me.  My cousin, B, My cousin Brian Lovett.  Passed off the records.  Anyways, I did it on Serato cuz you always hear “oh that was a studio produced joint.”   No it was not studio produced that was nothing but turntables man.

When they recorded it, to make the levels using limiters all go level across the boards you really had to know what you was doing back in the day.  But Flash was with that man.  Flash was the king.

As he says “I don’t care who’s better, Flash is forever.” “I’m the first one to do that”

RC:  Yeah I hear that!




RR: See back then, Hip Hop was the up lifter.  It was invented by folks who saw a positivity for what Hip hop would come to.  Cuz you know, it was rough, and it comes from the gangs.

Bronx groups like Savage Skulls, Black Spades..They know we gonna get down on the streets with our Ghetto brothers.  And it had this rough status, but it became peace, unity, love and having fun.

That’s how the Zulu nation was born.  Along with the Godfather Kool Herc, who had a birthday party by the request of his sister Shelby.

So DJ Kool Herc came to play his block party and that started it all.  So that’s what I wanna focus on, that’s the only reason I got into this in the first place.

I’m glad I had these heroes that I could bring to my mother and grandparents and say this is what I wanna do.  But she wouldn’t hear that.

So I’d sit and listen to Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five album with her or Kurtis Blow or the Fat Boys.

Cuz back then you could listen to it with your family.  But man, now?  Now, I’ll be like “DAMN!  What the hell are they saying?  I find it kind of shocking.

I don’t believe in censorship for the artist, but I believe the artist should be responsible for what comes out of he or she’s mouth because you have the gift of life or death in your speech.

One thing that I remember when Al Sharpton when he was doing James Brown’s Eulogy, he said “James Brown told me on his death bed to tell Michael Jackson and Prince to raise the music back up.”

Raise the music back up meaning that your parents, your grandparents, your kids, can all hear the positivity in the message man.  So that’s my mission, is to raise it up.  And I’m gonna raise it up man because we need it.


RC:  Yeah, we do!  We need to hear that.  Actually, yeah, that’s really what I want to talk about…  We wanna hear about that project you got going on with Johnny C and Jukebox!




RR:  I got back with Johnny C and Jukebox of the Original Ghetto Boys and we are now the Old Young’nZ and we’re working on an album now.  We’ve just been putting together stuff and ideas, we are working on getting the sound that is ours.

That’s Johnny C and my sound, we had that sound in Trenton Jersey way back in the late 70s early 80s.  And we just coming up with good grooves and stuff.

We’re both 50 years old now, so we’re coming with Old Young’nZ a point of view, we’re not trying to compete with these youngsters.  We have to come up with some solutions to some of these problems.

We’re working on what they call peace, unity, love, and having fun which was an element of the DJ and MC that I don’t hear on records any more.

With some of the new stuff, and I still spin current stuff, cuz I get booked for a lot of parties, but I don’t hear party records any more.  I hear dreary, death and destruction that doesn’t really give you a lot to live for nowadays.

We’re putting this together out of love, and we won’t give it away, but we’ll put it out there.

So it might be a minute, we was trying for the Spring, but you know, things happen, so you know were’ working and trying to get at least 2 singles dropped, just to let the people know, hey, we’re doing our thing.

I’m also being constantly booked to do DJ joints or shows, so my time is you know, spread thin.


RC:  Well, you want it to be right, and you want it to be good…  So you are taking your time getting it right.  You got kind of a timeline on this?   Are you a perfectionist?




RR: I would say yes, I am.  But back to the point of when it’ll get released.  it’s to the point where as a DJ, I could have put that away, or I could put this away.  Sometimes you gotta know when to stop and be like, take away, you know what I’m saying.  You got to know when to stop.

Sometimes you think, I could have used a better kick, or a I could have used a better snare.  When I listen to music I hear the high hat, I hear the kicks, and snare.  And I know when that kick and snare is gold.  There’s only a handful of artists that I can listen to and be like, “Ok, yeah, they jamming!”  But I never followed what a lot of other folks did, I always just did what I felt.

When I started making records, A guy named Steve Founier who was a radio DJ, said to me, “You know what you need Red?  When you start doing the process of recording, go get the hottest 2 records, and mix yours to the levels that these hot records are.”  Cuz at first when come to the club, and put our wax on, the levels would be so low, and this was one of the rookie mistakes that a lot of artists make.  Their levels are nowhere near the levels of the artists who were making it were.   You gotta get your kicks up and snares up to the level of these hot records.  You know, I’m giving you game now producers!  Go get the hottest 2 joints and listen to where everything is on there.  And set your mix accordingly so that way when you get to the club and you want the DJ to play it, he ain’t got to boost it all up.  See it’s already there.

I’m sure you know as a DJ know how some records are really low and some records are really high where they sound good, and you don’t need to do anything to the high joint.

RC: Absolutely.  Mixing highs and lows can be a pain.





RC: And speaking of DJs, let’s talk about the Hip Hop DJ in 2016…  In the past you talked about the changes of the DJ from year to year.  Nowadays we got controllers instead of decks, we got very advanced CD-Js that have been around forever…  What do you think is the cut-off point where someone is no longer a DJ based upon what they use or how they use it?




RR: Man, you know what?   DJ Red Alert said it best….  rchecka, do you still have a rotary phone?

RC: No, like a lot of people I don’t even have a land line.

RR: There you go.  I stick with the times too..  My boy DJ Wiz told me when I was living in San Jose back in 2006-07 told me “Red, man, I’m using this Serato” and I asked him “What’s that man?” he said this device is just like spinning wax.  So I plugged it in, and I stayed on that damn thing for 10 hours, trying to get my heat on.  I was like “wow this is fascinating man!  You can leave the records on!”  See cuz as a Hip Hop DJ you always taking the records off.  Sometimes you’d catch me taking the control record off trying to put on the next record.  But yeah, you gotta stick with the times man.  So I stick with the times, and I try to employ the technology to how I wanna attack.




See Grandmaster Flash said “If you was wack in the analog era, you gonna be wack in the digital era.”

Then again now there are these things on some of these controllers called sync, which is a sin!  To me, that’s like biting a rap.

Now, do I have virtual DJ?  You know what?  Yeah, I played with it when I was sitting here in my bedroom, cuz I think it’s kind of cool just to play around with it.  But I was just playing around cuz I’m always gonna be a wheels of steel guy.  Cuz that’s just me.

I remember a friend of mine named Swell, say “Yo Red.  I’m gonna get to the park in like an hour man.  And I already packed up my 12”s, so I hooked up with his stuff, and I kept reaching for the tone arm on his CD-Js.

That whole repetition over the years of grabbing that tone arm made that a reflex.  I’m not knocking people who use CD-Js or controllers, but to me turntables are a lot easier, you don’t have to worry about anything as long as the record is spinning in the groove.  It keeps me on my toes, it makes me aware of the music, cuz otherwise I get bored quick, and I’ll go to sleep.



Roland MV-8000
Roland MV-8000


RC:  So when you are working on your newer productions, are you using any newer tools or are you sticking to the classic gear?

RR: Well I use my MV-8000, which is a beast.  A lot of people sleep on it, cuz it’s not the instant gratification they are used to.  I tell people, you gotta get into your manual for this man.  But I been using this for about the past 6 years I use Logic, I use Fruity Loops, I use anything that will work for me.  I use modules that I sample into the machine or I’ll play.  I do whatever it takes man.  I use both worlds, analog and digital man.  I really like using analog over digital cuz it amps it up and it really has that dirty sound.  But for the basis of my work, I like to beat physically on the drum machine.  I don’t like beating on the keyboard.  Cuz it’s like (singing) “Flash is on the Beat Box!” it ain’t “Flash is on the Keyboard!”  See the beatbox is FOR Hip Hop man.

RC: No doubt, and it’s like riding a bike, you know how to get around once you do it, and you know how everything’s gonna turn out.

RR: Yeah.



RC: Alright, well let’s wrap things up, cuz I have one more question for you and it’s about your future.  Let’s assume you get this project out and you are happy with the results.  What’s next?  What do you have plans for further down the road?

RR: Keep on doing it.  Find some younger blood out here, just expand it, and it keep it going, cuz it’s not gonna stop.  If I was to get back to where I was, that’s a beautiful thing.  I have gotten to the point now where I could do it for a living again, or I could do it for a hobby.  You know I have to have a balance.

I’ll be 50 years old.  So I love it, and I’m always gonna do it, I don’t know on what platform, professional or being a veteran DJ again, but you know what?

At the end of the day Collins Adam Leysath is happy that DJ Ready Red can try every now and then and do something I love, you know what I’m saying?

I’ll be happy in my life as long as I stay true to that.


DJ Ready Red keeping it real in 1986
DJ Ready Red keeping it real since back in the day



-written by rchecka
Fb: @rchecka



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Soundcheck Ep. 36 (8/23/16) with special guest: 9th Wonder


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Our very own Shortkut has been selected to be the newest artist for Serato!

Peep out his new DJ Showcase using the new Tropkillaz track “One Time” that he helped produced!

“Seminal turntablist, selector and longstanding central force of DJing ‑ Shortkut has long-surpassed icon status. And so should the only member of not one, but three of the world’s eminent DJ crews: The Invisibl Skratch Picklz, the World Famous Beat Junkies and Triple Threat DJs.

Though his technical skills are legendary, what sets Shortkut apart is his versatility. Growing up in 1980s Bay Area, Shortkut (born Jon Cruz) drew from a rich array of musical influences, in particular the mobile soundsystem culture that was coming to a head at that time in the States. His sets are never dull or predictable, bringing in everything from hip hop, funk and soul to deep house, reggae and dancehall. He keeps both the turntable fanatics happy and the dancefloors heaving. And, as Shortkut understands better than anyone, that’s why the DJ’s there.”

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This last night’s episode (July 10th) of “Adventures In Stereo” radio show.  The Funky President J.Rocc along with his “Dynamic Duo” partner Rhettmatic did a special episode in honor of what’s going on this past week…we’re living in crazy times right now. Soundtrack For The Streets! Rest In Peace: Alton Steerling, Anthony Nunez, Dylan Noble, Pedro Villanueve, Philando Castile, & the officers in Dallas, TX.  J.Rocc’s radio show is every Sunday from 10p-12a on 90.7FM KPFK in Los Angeles or listen on the internet:


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Singer Tori Wolf drops an official video to her remix song “1st” featuring our brothers Dilated Peoples. Produced by the legendary Dj Premier!

Single available now!



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“TBH” is the third single off the collaborative project “A Whole New Cook” by CookBook of L.A. Symphony & Evidence of Dilated Peoples. With Cook is on the vocals and Ev on the production, the project features DJ Babu of Dilated Peoples/Beat Junkies. Watch this dope video directed by Original Knockoff.

“A Whole New Cook” dropped on March 4 and has been on the CMJ Hip Hop chart for 10 weeks, 4 of which it spent at #1. It also went to #1 on Canada’s earshot chart.

This is CookBook’s 3rd release in his CBEP series, where he teams up with 1 producer for each project. 1st one produced by DJ Rhettmatic (Beat Junkies) the 2nd by Blu (Blu & Exile) & of course this 3rd one produced by Evidence.


This Saturday (June 4th) is the Blaze N Glory Music Festival at the San Manuel Amphitheatre in San Bernadino, Ca. An all star line up gracing 2 stages: Nas, Atmosphere, Dilated Peoples, Common Kings, Stephen “Ragga” Marley & many more! For more info & tickets:


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Soundcheck Ep. 30 (5/10/16) – Rhettmatic’s Birthday

Soundcheck Ep. 31 (5/24/16) – Beat Junkie Crew Only!


Peace Everyone….
For the last couple of years, in honor of my birthday (May 10), I’ve been releasing some music (whether mixes or unreleased projects) to the public as a thank you to everyone who’ve been supporting my musical endeavors throughout the years, & just being grateful for able to live another day/week/month/year. Today is no exception.

Everyone by now should be familiar with the talented soul singer, the man called Aloe Blacc. Unless you are not into Underground Independent Hip Hop or didn’t grow up in the Southern California Music Scene during the 90’s, you might not know that Aloe Blacc is also an incredible Emcee and is part of a group called “Emanon” with producer extraordinaire, Exile.

What a lot of people may not also know that Aloe & myself recorded a whole album together back in 2004. “2004?!”….yup, 13 years ago….can you believe that?? This is around the time when Aloe was attending USC & I was living in Long Beach and was still working at Fat Beats LA. You’re probably also asking the question “Why is there an image of a Quarter on the front cover?”. I’m glad you asked that….Aloe suggested we do something like this: “Maybe an image that depicts something about 2004, like a pair of shoes that came out that year or a big news item. In 2004, I turned 25, maybe an image of a 1979 quarter”….hence, the reason why we have a Quarter on the album cover.

How this project came about is basically, both Aloe & myself were at some type of crossroad in terms of what we wanted to do as artists, individually. Aloe was taking a break from Emanon in terms of exploring, recording solo projects & working with different artists….Exile was in the process of becoming the producer he is known today by working on his own solo projects as well as crafting an album with a young, talented MC by the name of “Blu”. As for me, I was also trying to expand my horizons as a producer. Everyone knows me mostly for being a DJ/Turntablist from the Beat Junkies & the only production work that I did that people are aware of is with the Visionaries. I wanted to branch out & work with different artists as well to see what else I can do that I can’t normally do with my own group. I was luckily enough to have Aloe open to the idea in working with me. Around this time period, I was solely using the Akai MPC2000 for my main production equipment, & made a few beats on EMU SP1200 Drum Machine Sampler (Listen to the album & guess which machine I used). We recorded 14 songs but had really 11 strong songs. I just remember listening to our project & saying “Wow…Aloe is incredible!”. The plan was to shop the project but it never got a chance to materialized because we both went on to other things: Aloe got signed as solo artist on Stones Throw & I went to work on the 4th Visionaries’ album “We Are The Ones”.

On a side note, the song “Find A Way” was made originally for this project, that later became the B-Side single to Aloe’s “I’m Beautiful” off his Stones Throw solo debut album “Shine Through”. I had no idea that Aloe can sing and was really good. When I heard this song, I knew Aloe was destined to do bigger things. And this song also led to Aloe working with my good friend, the incredible DJ Khalil of Self Scientific and future Grammy Award Winning Producer. I played “Find A Way” for Khalil and the first thing he said to me was “Who is this person, I got to work with him”. When he found out who it was, & he was shocked. Many years later, they crafted together the successful hit song “I’m The Man”, which were backdrops for a series of Beats By Dre commercials as well for the 2014 NFL Draft & 2014 MLB All Star Game ads.

Fast forward to 2016….I had a chance to revisit the album and I totally forgot that Aloe & myself recorded a whole project that was made 13 years ago. I reached out to Aloe to remind him about our project. Even as busy as Aloe is now, he took the time to listen back to the album & said it would be dope if people could here our progression. He suggested that we release this album as a FREE project & gave me the idea concept of the album title & cover artwork. I am very lucky that Aloe gave me his blessing to release this project that you are about to listen now. We hope you enjoy this time capsule & this little nostalgia from our musical past. And the saying goes…the rest is history.

To everyone that’s taking the time to listen to this piece of history, as well as those who’ve been supporting me & musical endeavors from the get go, thank you very much. To my man wiz1der for helping me with the mixdowns. To my man FWMJ of RappersIKnow for the artwork. And to my brother Aloe….thank you for always being a friend & a musical comrade. Everything you’ve worked hard for, you deserved!

Beat Junkies

Rest In Peace: Nestor Nirza, Jordan Cofinco, J Dilla, Roc Raida, James Brown, Dj Dusk, Rob One, Sean Price, Pumpkinhead, Michael Jackson, David Bowie, Maurice White, Phife Dawg, Billy Paul, Prince, & Afeni Shakur.

A big special shout out to my fellow Visionaries brother 2Mex! Speedy recovery Alex…you got this! #GetWellSoon2Mex

Aloe Blacc & Rhettmatic

 Aloe Blacc & Rhettmatic
Circa 2004: Blaccmatic
1. Introducing….
2. AKA Aloe Blacc
3. Situations feat. CashUs King fka Co$$
4. Make It Happen
5. Find Your Way
6. Where I’m From
7. California 
8. The Window
9. The Plight
10. We Shine feat. Blu 
11. My Time To Shine*
Produced by DJ Rhettmatic for Beat Junkie Sound
Lyrics/Raps/Vocals by Aloe Blacc
Additional Lyrics/Raps by Co$$ & Blu
Beats & Scratches by Dj Rhettmatic
*Trumpet by Aloe Blacc
Recorded in Los Angeles & Long Beach, Ca in 2004.
Mixed by wiz1der at The Panic Room
Artwork by FWMJ for RappersIKnow


Tonight (April 24th) is another episode of Adventures In Stereo, hosted by J.Rocc on KPFK 90.7FM. Tonight’s episode is a special tribute to the late great Prince, simply titled “Thank You Prince”. The Funky President is the biggest Prince fan so it’s only right he does a special tribute, his way.

Listen to Adventures In Stereo every Sunday on KPFK 90.7FM
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This past Thursday, April 21st, the world lost an icon, a legend, a great musician, a social activist….the man known as Prince. Prince Rogers Nelson is someone that the Junkies grew up listening to his music & was totally influenced by his style of Funk & Soul.  And everyone knows that our very own Funky President, J.Rocc is the biggest Prince fan.

Music Tastemaker & KCRW’s DJ/Personality Garth Trinidad hosted a special tribute to Prince.
In customary fashion, Garth invited friend and president of the World Famous Beat Junkies, J.Rocc, to share an exclusive, spontaneous tribute mix in honor of his purple majesty. Hits, b-sides, rarities, mash-ups, and live out takes color a seamless celebration of the life, legacy, and music of Prince Rogers Nelson.

Rest In Peace Prince….we love you!

Listen to tribute here:


Friday, April 29th….The Beat Junkies are doing a special one off party in Downtown LA called “Live & Direct”. Babu, D-Styles, J.Rocc, Melo-D, & Rhettmatic will be throwin down on the decks plus some special guests might come thru.  All happening at The Well. Doors from 10pm-2am. Donations $10. Los Angeles, come thru & get down with the Beat Junkie Sound!


Friday & Saturday (April 22nd & 23rd), Dilated Peoples will be performing at The Observatory both in Orange County & San Diego, CA this past November. Make sure to check out Rakaa, Evidence, & Dj Babu at these shows! All Ages, Tix: $10. Don’t miss this dope Hip Hop show…one of the best groups to do it!


It is an honor to have the legendary LA Hip Hop Radio personality, Mike Nardone return to the airwaves onBeat Junkie Radio. He returns to his roots by debuting his new show called “Essentials” on Beat Junkie Radio.  If you’re not familiar with Mike Nardone, he was the first person to start up a college Hip Hop radio show in 1987 at KXLU (Loyola Marymount) in Los Angeles called “We Came From Beyond” as well as having a show on the defunct 92.3 The Beat called “Da Joint” with King Emz.  Mike is the West Coast counterpart of the legendary NY Radio Duo, Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Garcia. This particular audio is from Mike’s 2nd show (April 9th); Our very own Rhettmatic is Mike’s assistant.

Essentials with Mike Nardone will be airing every 2nd Saturdays of each month from 4:30-6:30pm on Beat Junkie Radio, exclusively on Dash. You can listen to Mike’s show by either downloading the FREE Dash Radio App from ITunes or Google Play or listen on the web:


Tonight (April 18th), once again it is another installment of Motown On Mondays LBC on Sunday at The Federal Bar in Downtown Long Beach with residents Dj Icy Ice, Dj Phatrick, Dj Sloepoke, Dj Dubs One & more. If you love classic Motown music, this is a perfect way to start off your week!


Tonight (April 15) is the Last Hip Hop Party at Mighty SF. Yes, people….it’s the really the finale at The Mighty SF. The venue has taken new ownership and will be going through some changes. This is our very own Shortkut‘s Bay Area Residency for the last 7 Years….so to go out with a bang, he brought our big brother, Dj Maseo aka Plug 3 aka Vinny Merlot of the legendary De La Soul to rock a 2×4 set with him all night, plus opening set by Papalote HiFi‘s own Mr. E & the one & only Fran Boogie handling the mic duties! For tickets, go to You won’t wanna’ miss this! Shoutouts to Derek Hana & Carey Kopp for their time & service to the Bay Area Music Community!


Tonight (April 15th), it’s the 2nd installment of The Art Of Storytellin’ (A Tribute to Outkast) at The Echo in Los Angeles with Dj Sake 1 & our very own Mr. Choc. Brought to you by the good folks from Footlong Development. This is the place to be if you want to hear all your favorite classic Outkast joints & more.  For more info:


Tonight (April 1st) is the Triple Threat Grand Finale at Mighty SF. Yes, people….it’s the last Triple Threat DJs’ Residency at Mighty San Francisco.The venue has taken new ownership and will be going through some changes. So to celebrate their 7 year residency, Dj Apollo, Vin-Roc, Shortkut, & Fran Boogie have decided to go out with a bang!! RSVP on for NO COVER before 11pm and OPEN BAR from 9-10pm! You won’t wanna’ miss this! Shoutouts to Derek Hana & Carey Kopp for their time & service to the Bay Area Music Community!


Tonight (March 31st) is a special edition of Dj Day‘s “Reunion” Party in Palm Springs.  It is bittersweet because Day is celebrating his 6 Year Anniversary, and it is the last Reunion Party ever.  For this event, he’s bringing out the big guns: J.Rocc, Thee Mike B, Dj Exile, Aimlo, Dj Expo, & Jeremy Sole.  Hosted by the one & only Aloe Blacc.  All happening at the Amigo Room inside the Ace Hotel & Swim Room in Palm Springs.  This is a dance party that you do not want to miss out on.  Thank you Dj Day for all your work & contribution to our culture!  Salute!  #DirtyScience


Rest In Peace to legendary Phife Dawg, 1/4 of one of the greatest Hip Hop groups of all time, A Tribe Called Quest. Malik “Phife Dawg” Taylor passed away on March 22, 2016 due to complications to Diabeties.  Our very own Dj Melo-D does a special Phife Dawg tribute mix in honor of the fallen MC.  Shoutouts & deepest condolences to Qtip, Ali Shaheed Muhammed & Jarobi White.  Phife Dawg, we will miss you….!


Today (March 26th), we will be rebroadcasting “Essentials With Mike Nardone” 1st Show on our Beat Junkie Radio channel on Dash Radio from 2-4pm PST.  You can listen to the re-broadcast by downloading the FREE Dash Radio app from ITunes or Google Play or listen on the web: Then search for “Beat Junkie Radio” & click!

Mike Nardone‘s show will be airing live every 2nd Saturdays of each month from 4:30-6:30pm PST starting April 9th!

“Taking Back The Airwaves!”


TONIGHT! (March 25th) at 1015 Folsom in San Frnacisco, is the worldy popular dance party from the UK, Deviation with host & main currator, BBC‘s own Benji B.  He’s sharing the bill with the likes of our very own J.Rocc, The Moodyman, Erykah Badu, Ge-ology, & more.  This is the spot to be in the San Francisco area for the Easter Weekend.


Saturday (March 26th) is the Abra Ca Dabs Festival at the San Bernadino County Fairgrounds in Victorville, CA. With performances by Dilated Peoples, The Visionaries, Awol One, & many more.  For more info:

“Unifying our community thru music, arts, & concentrates”


It is an honor to have the legendary LA Hip Hop Radio personality, Mike Nardone return to the airwaves on Beat Junkie Radio. He returns to his roots by debuting his new show called “Essentials” on Beat Junkie Radio.  If you’re not familiar with Mike Nardone, he was the first person to start up a college Hip Hop radio show in 1987 at KXLU (Loyola Marymount) in Los Angeles called “We Came From Beyond” as well as having a show on the defunct 92.3 The Beat called “Da Joint” with King Emz.  Mike is the West Coast counterpart of the legendary NY Radio Duo, Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Garcia. This particular audio is from Mike’s 1st show (March 12th); Our very own Rhettmatic was Mike’s assistant that day.

Essentials with Mike Nardone will be airing every 2nd Saturdays of each month from 4:30-6:30pm on Beat Junkie Radio, exclusively on Dash. You can listen to Mike’s show by either downloading the FREE Dash Radio App from ITunes or Google Play or listen on the web:


This Saturday (March 19th), the Stones Throw crew will be doing a special showcase at SXSW in Austin, Tx. Head honcho Peanut Butter Wolf, our very own J.Rocc, the incredible Karriem Riggins, the dynamic duo of Anderson.Paak & Knxwledge aka NX Worries & many more will be performing at The Empire Control Room & Garage.  For more info:


This Friday (March 18th), DJ Rhettmatic & Mad Skillz return with another epic edition of The Wedding Mixer, brought to you by Footlong Development!

What initially began as a request to DJ a wedding, then became a mixtape affectionately called the Wedding Mixer, has now become a party. Please join Rhett as lays down all the classic 70’s, 80’s & 90’s party joints on some “grown folk” steeze.. He’s intent on challenging himself to spin a set in the same vein as his Wedding Mixer mixtapes.  All happening at The Echo in Los Angeles.

Purchase presale tickets either at Amoeba Hollywood or

SAT. MARCH 11: The Debut of “ESSENTIALS” w/ MIKE NARDONE on Beat Junkie Radio

Ladies & Gentleman, The Beat Junkies are proudly to present the return of one of LA’s respected Hip Hop radio personality to Beat Junkie Radio…the legendary Mike Nardone! This man has helped break Hip Hop artists on college radio & championed Underground/Independent Hip Hop for many of years on classic radio shows such as “We Came From Beyond” on KXLU (Loyola Marymount) & “Da Joint” with @operatoremz on the defunct 92.3 The Beat in Los Angeles during the late 80’s & throughout the 90’s; Mike is the West Coast counterpart of Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Garcia.
Make sure to tune in to “ESSENTIALS” this SATURDAY, MARCH 12, 2016, LIVE from 4-6pm PST by either downloading the FREE Dash Radio app from ITunes or Google Play to your smart phone/tablet or listen on the web:, search for “Beat Junkie Radio”. It is an honor to have Mike Nardone rocking with the Beat Junkies. Welcome back Mike!


Tonight (March 10th), Jurassic 5‘s very own Chali2na & his band, The House Of Vibe, are performing live at the Federal Underground aka the Federal Bar in Long Beach, along with our very own DJ Icy Ice + Toquan The MC. For some good live Hip Hop Vibes in Long Beach, this is the place to be!


Tonight (March 7th) is another installment of Motown On Mondays LBC on Sunday at The Federal Bar in Downtown Long Beach with residents Dj Icy Ice, Dj Phatrick, Dj Sloepoke, Dj Dubs One & more.  If you love classic Motown music, this is a perfect way to start off your week!

TONIGHT (3.5.16): DJ MR. E PRESENTS “WORD” w/ special guest DJ SHORTKUT

Tonight (March 5th), Papalote Hi Fi‘s own Dj Mr. E presents “Word”, an 80’s & 90’s night with resident Dj Umami, and special guest, our very own Dj Shortkut. Hosted by Fran Boogie.  All happening at The Parliament in Oakland.  Bay Area, if you want to get your groove on to the classics, this is the place to be.


This weekend, our very own Mr. Choc will be celebrating his birthday by doing a mini Australian Tour in Sydney & Brisbane. To all the Aussie Massive, make sure to check him out at the Rumpus Room in Brisbane & Oiishi (Play Bar) in Sydney. S/O to Dj Kavi!

12705625_10208741247869257_7637906992779956267_n 12801095_10208741244229166_7785226960869768781_n


Tonight (March 3rd), our very own World Traveller, Dj Shortkut will be doing a guest set at “Groovelicious” at Club Quinta in Sao Paulo, Brazil. For all our Brazillian Massive, don’t sleep on this rare appearance. Obrigado!


Tonight (March 3rd) is a special event called “Hodge Podge” in honor of celebrating one of LA’s respected musician’s birthday, trumpeter Todd Simon.  LA’s talented DJs & Musicians such as Mark De Clive Lowe, Jeremy Sole, members of Buyepongo, our very own Rhettmatic, & many others will be joining Todd & his band Ethio Cali on a musical jam session.  All happening at The General Lee in Chinatown (DTLA) and it’s FREE ALL NIGHT. Come thru & enjoy a night with Los Angeles’ talented music community!


The Beat Junkies present:
Broadcasting Live from Los Angeles
 7-10PM PST
Every 2nd & 4th Tuesdays Of The Month
On The Beat Junkie Radio channel
Exclusively on Dash Radio.
Download the Dash Radio App for free or listen to us on the web:

Special Guests (2.23.16) is Tuamie & Nick Speed. Special appearance by Houseshoes, Eric Bobo (Cypress Hill), Planet Asia, Phil Da Agony, & Knxwledge

Dj Babu set

Action Bronson x Westside Gunn- Dudley Boyz
Guilty Simpson – The D
Mr. Lif – Whizdom
Black Milk -For 4ever
Nikobeats – Can U Stand The Rain
Your Old Droog – Listen
Anderson.Paak – The Season/Carry Me
D.I.T.C – Get With The Program
Jay Electronica – #TBE The Curse of Mayweather
Nikobeats – Come Around
O.G.ology – I Wanna Tell You Something
Curren$y x alchemist – Cartridge
J-dilla – The Introduction
Busta Rhymes – We Home ft L.O.N.S
Anderson.Paak – Come Down
NxWorries – Link Up

Special Guest – Tuamie

Dj Rhettmatic set

Cookbook x Evidence  – Phillip Drummond
Asher Roth × Nottz – Goin Down
Nikobeats  – Maybe So Maybe No
D.R.U.G.S – Untitled
Rim (of Da Villains) – Llamas
Fisher aka G Fisher – Mercenaries ft Chris Rivers
Mick Jenkins – Ps & Qs
TallBlackGuy – Ojaymoneystack
D.R.U.G.S – Wiggy Wiggy
Hezekiah – I Love Kanye
Lyric Jones – Fly Aura ft Sean Rosati
Willie Evans Jr – Creepers Anthem
The Black Ppera – Somethin Outta Nuthin
Bishop Lamont ft. Xzibit – Back Up Off Me
Mentplus – DillaCation
Lex (nyre) – Time Is Now
Nikobeats – Anniversary
Johaz – Anything ft Blu
D.R.U.G.S – I Can Make You Dance (thank you)
Villain Park – Brain Cells
Dertbeats – Days Go By

Special Guest – Nick Speed

J.Rocc set

Blackstar – You’re  Welcome
Dilla – What (a capella)
Dilla – Things You Do
Dilla – Roots 93
Dilla  – World Full of Sadness
Pete rock – Niggaz
X-Clan – Heed The Word Of The Brother
The Black Voices – I’ll Stop Calling You Niggas
Kareem Riggins – 30 Hours beat
The Black Voices – Funny How Things Can Change
Tall Black Guy – The Big Payback


Tonight (March 2nd) is our good friend, Hip Hop Scholar, Dj/Producer, Dj Eclipse‘s “The Halftime Show” 18th Anniversary & Series Finale.  Yes, this is the last show and probably the last Hip Hop Radio Show from the classic 90’s Indy Era on terrestial & college radio.  Eclipse (as well as Sucio Smash‘s “Squeeze Radio”) help broke a lot of indy Hip Hop records over the college airwaves in the same tradition of the legendary duo, Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Garcia.

Eclipse has been a big supporter & a good friend of the Beat Junkies.  We truly thank him for all his hard work & dedication to our culture, & congratulations for doing the show for 18 years! Don’t fret tho, he will still continue his other radio show on Sirus/XM, “Rap Is Outta Control” as well as doing artist management & DJing for Non-Phixion, Ill Bill, & La Coka Nostra.

Shoutouts to Dj Riz, Lynn Gonzales, Dj Skizz, Petey Cologne, Mars 1, & Devoni.

Make sure you turn into tonight’s show on 89.1FM WNYU from 10:30pm-1:00am EST or online at

Meanwhile, here’s some old footage that Eclipse has put together for the 15th anniversary 3 years ago.


Tonight (February 29th) is another installment of Motown On Mondays LBC on Sunday at The Federal Bar in Downtown Long Beach with residents Dj Icy Ice, Dj Phatrick, Dj Sloepoke, Dj Dubs One & more.  If you love classic Motown music, this is a perfect way to start off your week!


Tonight (February 25th) is Last Thursdays With The Beat Junkies at The Pot Lobby Bar in Koreatown (Los Angeles).   It’s FREE from 9pm to 1am and it’s every last Thursday of each month….Come vibe with the Junkies  as they will dropping some dope tunes for you to enjoy! Shoutouts to our boy Chef Roy Choi!


Our good friend Dj Eclipse of Non-Phixion/Rap Is Outta Control just released this vintage footage of Mos Def & Talib Kweli from the Fat Beats LA 1 Year Anniversary party at the old Crush Bar in Hollywood. Eclipse worked at the flash ship in New York, while Babu, J.Rocc & Rhettmatic worked at the LA store. This footage shows the 1st time that Mos & Kweli performed in LA. This is an early manifestation of Black Star. You can see J.Rocc spinning for Mos & Kweli…this is also how J became Black Star‘s official DJ. If you look closely, you can see a young Mr. Choc, Melo-D, Dj Nu-Mark, J.Rocc, Babu, & Rhettmatic…lol. The Beat JunkiesInvisibl Skratch Piklz also performed that night. We can’t wait when Eclipse drops that footage. Until then, enjoy this piece of Hip Hop history! Shoutouts to Dj Jab, the owner of Fat Beats!


Producer Extraordinaire Dj Exile & the young gun King Choosey of the Dirty Science Crew do a special honor tribute to late, great J Dilla.  Exile flips live MPC re-works of J Dilla classics, with no Loops while Choosey freestyles. All in celebration of the Greatest to do it. DS Radio vol. 2


Just released, a special mixtape from the Mellow Orange camp called “Three The Hard Way” featuring Djs Qstn, Manwell, & Kid Dragon.  This mixtape is full of Funk, Breaks, & dope scratches…..this is a celebration in honor of turntablists & Battle Champs Dj Manwell & Dj Kid Dragon joining the Mellow Orange collective.  It’s Dope!! Beat Junkies Approved!

Download The Mix:


Tonight (February 22nd) is another installment of Motown On Mondays LBC on Sunday at The Federal Bar in Downtown Long Beach with residents Dj Icy Ice, Dj Phatrick, Dj Sloepoke, Dj Dubs One & more.  If you love classic Motown music, this is a perfect way to start off your week!


Tonight (February 22nd), our very own Dj Shortkut will be doing a special guest set at Motown On Mondays Seattle at Bar End with residents Djs: Supreme La Rock & Dj 100Proof. For some serious get down with the Motown Sound, this is the place to be. Shoutouts to all the Motown On Mondays Massive Nationwide!


It’s the final week of Dilla Month (but everyday is Dilla Day).  To close out the week, here’s a couple of Audio Treats by the Funky President J.Rocc, the one & only Houseshoes, & the young gun Dj Dstrukt to pep up your week. J Dilla Forever!

Adventures In Stereo w/ J.Rocc: Dilla Month, Week 3 w/ Mrs. Yancey (2.21.16)
Click on link & search for “Adventures In Stereo”


Houseshoes: King James III (The Final Chapter):
Screen shot 2016-02-22 at 8.53.14 AM

Dj Dstrukt: “Donuts Are Forever” Live Set:

Download Audio


The Beat Junkies present:
Broadcasting Live from Los Angeles
 7-10PM PST
Every 2nd & 4th Tuesdays Of The Month
On The Beat Junkie Radio channel
Exclusively on Dash Radio.
Download the Dash Radio App for free or listen to us on the web:

Special Guests (2.9.16) is Frank Nitt, Dave New York & Mentplus


Tonight (February 15th) is another installment of Motown On Mondays LBC on Sunday at The Federal Bar in Downtown Long Beach with residents Dj Icy Ice, Dj Phatrick, Dj Sloepoke, Dj Dubs One & more.  Come celebrate President’s Day & the day after Valentine’s Day with the crew. If you love classic Motown music, this is a perfect way to start off your week!


Our very own J.Rocc teamed up with All City Music to do a Mobb Deep Tribute Mix in honor of the special release of “The Infamous” Limited Edition Colored Vinyl Re-issue coming out on March 25th. Shout out to our good friend Havana Joe!

Download link:


Turntable Virtuoso Dj Teeko comes back with some hard hittin music called “Rap Freak” Vol. 5.

“Vol 5 was created in 5 days immediately after watching the highly recommended “Radio That Changed Lives” Documentary of Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito. The inspiration was fueled by this amazing documentation of hip hop at its rawest state. This collage was created using only a turntable and records.”

AUDIO: “GET LIVE WITH IT” (J-DILLA 2×4 TRIBUTE MIX) – mixed by J.ROCC & RHETTMATIC (originally 2/10/15)

Today is February 10, 2016….the 10th Anniversary of Dilla’s passing. In honor of their good friend J-Dilla, J.Rocc & Rhettmatic joined forces to do a impromptu 2×4 tribute mix (which was done originally on Feb. 10, 2015).  All done in one night. Put on your headphones, turn the speakers up, listen to it  & turn it up! “Get Live With It!”

SOUNDCHECK EP. 23 (1/26/16) with ILLA J

The Beat Junkies present:
Broadcasting Live from Los Angeles
 7-10PM PST
Every 2nd & 4th Tuesdays Of The Month
On The Beat Junkie Radio channel
Exclusively on Dash Radio.
Download the Dash Radio App for free or listen to us on the web:

Special Guests (1.26.16) is Illa J

SOUNDCHECK EP. 23 (1/26/16) with ILLA J by Thebeatjunkies on Mixcloud

DJ Rhettmatic set

DITC – Diggin Number
Busta Rhymes – In The Streets ft MF DOOM
Ron Jon Bovi – Time Tunnel
Wiki  – Hate Is Earned
XL – We Must Stand
6th Generation – The Way Of The Sixth
Redman – Bars
Prhyme – High and Lows ft MF DOOM
Anderson.Paak – The Waters ft. Bj the Chicago kid
Busta Rhymes – We Home ft L.O.N.S
Torae – Get Down
Kanye West – No More Parties in LA ft Kendrick Lamar
Villain Park – Brain Cells
ScienZe – Georgia State
Dave East – G Shit
J-Dilla – Dillatronic 10
Anderson.Paak – Come down
Ghostface Killah – Get The Money
Pete rock – clap ya hands
J-Dilla – dillatronic 05

Dj Babu set

Black Milk – For 4ever
Sean Price – Soul Perfect
Anderson.Paak – The Season/Carry Me
Cam’ron – U Wasn’t There
Linear Labs – Hands Of God ft Rza
Smoke Dza – Where Its At
Jaylib – Heavy (Chronic Mix)
DITC – Make Em So Proud
KRS1 & Buckshot – The Way I Live
Murs & 9th Wonder – The Battle
Your Old Droog – Forty deuce
Nxworries – Link Up
Joell Ortiz x !llmind  – Six Fo’

J.Rocc set

Curren$y – Forecast
Cohen – ??
De La Soul – Skip To My Loop
Sim-E – Heatstroke ft Strong Arm Steady
Tribute To Scratch
Mobb deep – Give Up The Goods
Mobb deep – Esther Phillips – That Al
Slum Village – Raise It Up *lug it up
Slum Village – Ease Up Off Yourself
Kareem Riggins – ???
Trouble Knows Me instr
Blackstar- You’re Welcome
Junie – Junie III/Suzie Super Groupie
Philip Mitchell – I’ll See You In Hell
The Upsetters – Freak Out Skank
Westside Gunn & Conway – Richer Porter
Tuamie – Sugar /Ghostface
Hit-Boy – Divine Guidance

Mr.Choc set

Treach – Let Me Tell You Something ft Bumpy Knuckles
Ras Kass – The Chase ft inDjnous
Sean Price – STFU pt.2
DITC – New Wave
Kanye West – Real Friends ft Ty dolla $$$
Daz n Snoop – Six N Da Morning feat Kurupt
Slum Village – Conant Gardens
Beastie Boys – Hold It Now
Redman – Beastin’
Washeyi Choir – Black Tux ft Planet Asia & Tristate
Guilty Simpson – ??
Czarface – Night Crawler ft  Method Man


Tonight (February 6th), during the Superbowl Weekend, it’s Dilla Weekend in both San Francisco & Los Angeles to celebrate 10 years of life & music of our fallen brother, J Dilla.

First one, the Funky President J.Rocc & Shortkut will be throwing down at Mighty in San Francisco in honor of Dilla, along with Mr. E, Dj Haylow, & hosted by Fran Boogie. Bay Area, you don’t want to miss this.


Also tonight in Los Angeles, Rhettmatic will be doing a special set at the 9th Annual “Doin It For Dilla” at Boombox with residents Inka One, Ben Diggin, & Dj Analog. All happening at The Grand Star Jazz Club.


Wherever you are in the world, put one up for the one James Yancey aka J Dilla….one of the greatest music producer of our time!



TONIGHT (February 4th) is another installment of “All You Can Dance” w/ J.Rocc & Black Mr. Choc at Del Monte Speakeasyin Venice, CA.  It’s DILLA MONTH so you know it’s going down tonight! It’s every 1st Thursdays of each month.  This is the spot to be to get your dance on in honor of J.Dilla …..Don’t Sleep!



Tonight (February 1st) is another installment of Motown On Mondays LA on Sunday at The Short Stop in Los Angeles with residents Dj Sloepoke, Dj Phatrick + special guests: Motown On Mondays LBC‘s own Dj Icy Ice & Jeff Cee.  If you love classic Motown music, this is a perfect way to start off your week!


Tonight (January 25th) is another installment of Motown On Mondays LBC on Sunday at The Federal Bar in Downtown Long Beach with residents Dj Icy Ice, Dj Phatrick, Dj Sloepoke, Dj Dubs One & more.  If you love classic Motown music, this is a perfect way to start off your week!