Dj Rhettmatic of the World Famous Beat Junkies has been DJing for well over 20 years. A Dj champion, member of The Visionaries, Crown Royale, the Cypress Junkies and the Dirty Disco Squares, Rhett has been producing for just about the same period of time, creating backdrops for artists from Aloe Blacc to Ras Kass on well over 50 releases.

And now it comes time for the OG staple of the West Coast to step out with his own full-length instrumental project. May 19th, 2017 you will find out, if you didn’t already know, that Rhett Got Beats. At 18 tracks beatin’ down the block, with a bonus feature from Hieroglyphics’ Opio and Pep Love, this will fit nicely in your Street Corner Music collection.

In this video footage, Rhettmatic is in his home studio, which he calls it the “Sound-O-Matic Lab”, playing beats (old & new) from all the various machines that he uses to produce with: the classic E-MU SP1200 & the Akai MPC2000 Drum Machine Samplers as well as his current production tool, Propellerhead’s Reason Software. You can actually hear the progression of his production throughout the years with each music equipment, even with some beats that he forgot that he made.

Video shot/edited by Dj Underkut of Open Format LA

“Rhett Got Beats” presented by Houseshoes on Street Corner Music available NOW!



What’s up folks….

First of all, I like to say Happy New Years to everyone….hope your New Years Eve was a meaningful one.

I made this beat on 11pm, December 31st & wanted to post this up here on our Beat Junkie blog. This is actually my last beat for 2014…I always try to make a beat before Midnight strikes on New Years Eve. I’ve been doing this ritual for the last 7 years…had to try to do it again & not break the streak…LOL!! I decided tp post the finished product on the morning of Jan. 1, 2015 on my soundcloud page. Hope you like my quick ditty. Happy New Years Everyone! 


The Dilated Junkie himself, Dj Babu, is featured on new episode of Mass Appeal‘s “Rhythm Roulette” video series.

“On this episode of Rhythm Roulette, we’re joined by 1/3 of Dilated Peoples and member of the World Famous Beat Junkies, DJ Babu. Many don’t know that along with being a highly skilled battle DJ (known for his legendary “Blind Alley” beat juggle), the ITF champion also gets it in on the production tip. From Super Duck Breaks to The Beat Tapeseries, Babu crafts hip hop shit that knocks, while managing to be progressive at the same time.

We took the Beat Junkie to the Record Jungle outside of Los Angeles to play a game of Rhythm Roulette. After that, we headed back to his studio to put your boy to the test. After listening through all three records, Babu took a joint from The Association’s Stop Your Motor album, threw it on his AKAI MPK49 and got to work.”