What’s up folks…..yes, another installment of “Throwback Thursdays”.

For those that do not know, Shortkut & myself call ourselves “The Godfathers”, not because we’re like ‘Godfathers’ in the DJ/Turntablist scene, but because we are actual Godfathers (or as the Filipinos would traditionally say, “Ninongs”) to Babu‘s oldest son, Niko….and we were also roommates at one time….LOL!!

Back in the early 2000’s, Short & myself came up with some 2 man tag-team routines while we were roommates.  We eventually took our little set on the road while on tour with The Visionaries in Europe.  Fast forward to 2013, our sponsors Rane asked the Junkies to perform at their booth for the NAMM Show.  Short & myself took the opportunity to try to come up with some stuff that’s similar to what we did back in the 2000’s.  A couple of things tho that was standing in our way.  (1) We forgot some of our old routines, (2) Short lives in the Bay Area, I live in the LA County, & (3) because of our busy schedules, we only had 1 day, yes…ONE DAY, to come up with something.  So Short flew down to LA the day before we were schedule to play at the NAMM booth, so we can practice and try to come up with something.  We rented out a rehearsal studio, came up with something, & practice for 6 hours.  We were able to remember & incorporate some of our old 2 man routine, and with Short’s suggestion, we reflip a classic routine of The Adventures Of Grandmaster Flash On The Wheels Of Steel.  After brainstorming & stressing, this is what we came up with.

Short & myself have always talked about doing a Godfather show, hopefully we can still do one in the near future.  Hope you like this little ditty from 2 years ago….oh yeah, peep the other footage below of our original 2 man tag-team routine, back in the early 2000’s when we were using vinyl, 2 Vestax mixers, & 3 Vestax turntables….ah yes, memories….LOL!


From The Visionaries European Tour (2004) in Hamburg, Germany


It’s another installment of Throwback Thursdays Videos.  This particular video shows the Funky President himself, J.Rocc is throwin down on 4 Turntables…..yes, I said “4” Turntables!  He did this on the Rane TTM68 4 Channel Mixer when Rane Inc debut the mixer at the NAMM Show in 2011.  Here, J is paying homage to the old school classic mix records that came out in the 80’s like “Scratch Party”, “Scratch Dance”, “The New York Scratchmasters”, “Mix Trix”, & so forth.  Usually those mixes were done “4-track style”, mixing using mulit-tracks.  Here, J is demonstrating the mix live with 4 Turntables.  The last time someone did something like this was Cut Chemist with his homage to “The Adventures Of Grandmaster Flash On The Wheels Of Steel” using 3 Turntables in the 90’s.  And before that, Grandmaster Flash himself using 3 Turntables in the 80’s.  Shout out to Mike May at Rane Inc.

Peep the technique below and peep the original mixes that J based his homage to:

Scratch Dance – “Pyramid Mix”

New York Scratchmasters – “Jam #2”