What’s up folks, it’s another installment of Tapedeck Tuesdays!

For this particular installment, I wanted to highlight the Dilated Junkie himself, Dj Babu. He rarely puts mixtapes out, but when he does, he always comes with the niceness. This mix is called “Konichiwa Bitches” which he did for our good friends at Mochilla a few years ago:

“Several months ago my friends B+ and EC  (Eric Coleman) hit me up about doing a mixtape consisting of Japanese records. B, E and myself had all been on ridiculous digging missions together before and they had known that I had lost my mind in japan a couple times copping Japanese joints…so this idea made perfect sense. For me as a digger, I have always tried to take advantage of being able to travel and discover new music and japan was definetly a digger’s paradise in the late ninties…Japanese collectors had scoured the world for illies and brought them all back to shibuya…so the first couple times in japan I actually was buying anything but Japanese records…but as time moved on and diggers continued to rape and pillage shibuya I realized I had been sleeping on japans native music, so the last few times I went to japan I made it a point to look for Japanese music only…and what I found was some incredible shit…this mix contains a lot of tv and movie soundtracks and scores, studio background music, amine soundtracks, funk, pop, rock & soul with the common thread being dope funky music! I hope u enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed putting this together!”

Enjoy the mix peoples……..